Essay Example for Your Inspiration: Feminism, A Critical Perception

Published: 2022-04-11
Essay Example for Your Inspiration: Feminism, A Critical Perception
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The topic of feminism is sensitive in present society due to the need to provide equal rights to both men and women. The same case is seen through parenting where the mothers are left to handle the duties of taking care of the children while the fathers in providing care for the entire family regarding security and financial support. Feminism thus closely interrelates to the roles in motherhood for a woman (Sallee, 2008). Motherhood is an experience that every girl wants to have at one point in their life. In the readings, the author has presented the experience of becoming a mother and its impact on the life of an individual (Nelson, 2009). Both women and men have equal rights and opportunities in the society, and as such, the women have a huge potential of developing in their lives through families and career.

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The motherhood experience presents a challenge to women as it brings about responsibility (Nelson, 2009). At the point of birth, a mother loses their life and starts developing the life of their child. It becomes vital to ensure that a child is provided with the right environment for growth and development. As a consequence, the motherhood experience is complicated at the same time necessary for every woman developing into a mother (Nelson, 2009). In most cases, the young mothers tend to share their experience with other mothers who have raised children (Nelson, 2009).

The daily duty of new mother can be highly engaging while the child is growing at their young age, playful and vulnerable at the same time. At such a point, the mothers need support from their husbands for parenting. A shared parenting role is essential in reducing the burden to the mother thus reducing stress and depression that results from the existing role of being a new mother (Hollway, 2016). Sharing tasks equally regardless of nature helps in showing support to the family and in raising children in the right way. A child who grows knowing that their father does dishes and laundry will do the same tasks when they grow up and respect women.

Feminism can thus be used in parenting and families as it can help in raising responsible and respectful children. In most cases, the men who grow up with the mentality that some tasks are meant to women are raised in environments that do not support the culture of sharing duties (Sallee, 2008). Sharing duties is an important factor in growing disciplined and respectful children. Feminism is thus good when it comes to parenting roles and raising children from their young age as they grow to become teenagers and adults. Feminist parents raise disciplined children who respect one another regardless of their gender.

In conclusion, most people consider feminism as bad in that it teaches girls not to respect men. However, such is just mindsets in people. Feminist parents teach their children about gender equality by applying their ideas in parenting. The parents also treat each other with respect and remaining equal (Hollway, 2016). Such ideals are the ones that govern the feminist principles. Feminism is thus good to the society and to children who are growing up to be leaders in the future. With such ideals, a child grows to respect their opposite gender and thus portray their best behavior whenever they are with their friends and family members.


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