Essay Example: Controversial Actions of Ida B. Wells Jr, and Martin Luther King

Published: 2022-02-15
Essay Example: Controversial Actions of Ida B. Wells Jr, and Martin Luther King
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Ida B Wells is a black American who has achieved both national and international fame as an active journalist, Public speaker and community activist. She fought 'against mob violence that was happening in the states in the 1920s (Wells-Barnett, Ida B.,207). Ida also reminded the residents about the things they can say and things they do not say, things that can subvert and things that their subversions conceal. Ida and Dr. Martin Luther depicted the same outstanding leadership qualities that every leader today should have. These two people made some achievements that still last up to date. They are one of the most influential leaders who pushed and fight for equal right for every American on regardless of the race. The fight for the racism was their core aim whenever they find themselves in the street of Birmingham. As noted through Martin's speeches, traits, and actions, she always ensured that the rights of every American are protected regardless of their social status, skin color, and gender.

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The quality of courage is one of the conditions depicted by Martin when he was fighting for human rights. He demonstrated courage during his life during his push for transformation. In the course of American history, he used to challenge the authority regardless of who was in charge. He did not care about their skin color neither was he concerned about their powers. He used to hold numerous protests as well as marches for the problems that he believed in. He used to take several controversial stands among the American citizens who were opposing the authority concerning many issues over the American history.

Some of the problems that he made a provocative position include issues to do with segregation and equal rights. In every human right that Martin Luther used to fight for, he demonstrated the act of honesty and respect. He did not resort to violence even though many individuals contradicted with his opinion through means of force. He trusted in peaceful protests and ensured that other citizens abided by his quest. He believed that change could only bring about through fighting with intelligence rather than physical fighting. Fighting through speaking in his speeches was influential, yielded fruit, and he emerged victorious since some problems like racism are no longer becoming significant issues today. One of Martin Luther's greatest leadership skill was integrity. He depicted this trait when he used to give up his life for whatever he used to fight for. In addition to giving up his life to protect the rights of every American, he also demonstrated the act of integrity by taking responsibility for all his actions.

The aspect of determination was another crucial leadership trait that was depicted by Martin Luther. He never gave up on his fight for the equal rights of every American. Also, he did not surrender while attempting to get rid of the issue of segregation for all U.S. citizens. Furthermore, he was determined such that he could not let what other people said, did, or called him neither did he made his family influence his decision in fighting for equal rights. He demonstrated the virtue of loyalty through the aspect of continuing to fight for his notions. He even when ahead to show that nothing could stop him in his quest for equal rights when he was arrested several times. He used to be physically attacked during his speeches and marches, but all those forms of intimidation did not hinder him from achieving his goal of fighting for equal rights. His followers, as well as family members, were also attacker during some of his meetings, but he never gave up because of such coercion.

Similarly, Ida B. Wells was expressing the same idea through writing influential journals. So the mode of an availing message between this two activist was different, but the contents were almost similar. Ultimately she was not dealing with the authority directly. This is evident in king's page seven of king letter, "I think I should give a reason for my being in Birmingham since have influenced by the argument of outside coming in". Wells act has been defined lynching in the company of other acts of mob violence. These are a multilayered aspect of American Behavior related to political, economic power, race and gender equality.

What I agree with Ida B Wells' idea, an Equal right of opportunities and justice is mandatory to any civilized society where human right is sensitive. The feminist Ida fought for gender balance, an idea that developed states are putting into consideration, (Patel, Leigh, et al. 80). However, I disagree with Wells' action of protecting women's more than males an action that makes gender balance to deplete its value.

The trait of determination was the crucial other trait depicted by Martin. Regardless of what he told and the threats that he received, he never surrendered on his fight for equal rights. Additionally, Martin was honest and respectful. Even though he opposed the authority at some point, he never resorted to violence. He always believed that peace should prevail in every decision that he made. There is no point where he engaged in physical fights with the authority even though he got harassed and beaten by the administration. All of his marches and protests were nonviolent. He also exercised the quality of integrity through taking responsibility for whatever he was fighting for and giving up his life for his actions. The leaders of today's America need to embrace some of the leadership qualities of Martin to better the lives of every American citizen.

The phrase," The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s owed debts to the ideas and efforts of earlier generations and ideological pioneers. Its impact, which went much farther than those that came before, stemmed from the changes to American society and politics that the Great Depression and World War II set in motion" This suggests a violation of human right an act that results to violent demonstration. Also, political instability was as a result which developed to world war II, (Patel 67). Well was an ultimate investigative journalist who could identify a mistake, fetch data, enlighten it and report the finding to the readers.

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