Paper Example. Organizational Analysis

Published: 2023-01-19
Paper Example. Organizational Analysis
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A healthcare organization is comprised of a range of facilities that offer treatments, tests, therapy, and rehabilitation. It also entails the plans that individuals depend on to pay for their health care services. Cardinal Health Inc is an excellent example of a healthcare organization that improves the cost-efficiency of healthcare. It is a universal company that is located in Dublin, Ohio in the USA that integrates healthcare services and Product Company that provides personalized resolutions for health systems, hospitals, ambulatory service centers, pharmacies, clinical laboratories and physician agencies globally. The company delivers clinically certified medical products and pharmaceuticals as well as cost-efficient solutions that increase the supply chain effectiveness from the hospitals to home. The company joins care providers, patients, pharmacists, payers, and manufacturers for a combined care organization and improved patient management. The company is ranked the 14th top revenue generator in the U.S. The company serves over 100,000 locations and provides about 75% of hospitals in the US with medical products.

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Examination of the Cardinal Health

The mission of Cardinal Health is to combine educational programs, high-performance products, and clinical compliance; Cardinal Health is dedicated to working with healthcare specialists to eradicate preventable infections (Shah 2010). This company is also bound to a philosophy that aids in its functions. It is dedicated to attending the healthcare industry with services and products that aid in decreasing the cost, improve safety, profitability and productivity, as well as delivering improved care to patients (Cardinal Health 2016). The executive management of this organization comprises of a team of skilled executives who brings the company to its business. Michael Kaufmann is the Chief executive officer and the director of the company, who has served in the company for about 5 years. Throughout his time in the company, he has developed an understanding of the operation of the company, which makes his experience effective in the running of the company (Cardinal Health 2016). Gregory Kenny is a non-executive chairman of the board of the organization; he provides his in-depth understanding of business operations gained from his previous job at various companies before retiring.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Cardinal Health IncStrengths

Due to its position as the leading companies in the health industry, the company has many strengths that allow it to succeed in the market.

  • It has a high level of customer satisfaction due to its devoted customer relationship management unit that ensures that the customers are satisfied.
  • It has a good record of joining complimentary organizations through acquisition and merger.
  • It has a robust brand portfolio which has maintained its reputation over the years.
  • It has a positive record of new product development.
  • It has reliable suppliers.
  • It is highly prosperous at Go To Market schemes for its products.
  • Weakness
  • The profitability ratio and net contribution levels of the company are below the standard industry level.
  • The marketing of its products is not very strong.
  • The company has a higher days inventory, which makes the company increase the finances invested in the channel.
  • Its structure is only companionable with the current business pattern, thus restraining its extension in the contiguous sections.
  • The company should invest more in the new technologies

Care Delivery System

Cardinal Health has a Cardinal Health Board of Directors that responds to cases of opioid endemic and lapse of opioid-related problems. The company stands at the forefront in ensuring that it helps the communities that are struck by substance abuse across Appalachia. Moreover, it enhances the wellness of patients by providing improved diagnostics, automating organizational responsibilities to give patients more time, which is an essential health factor. This has been enhanced by the association with oncologists, which offers positive outcomes.

Outcomes and Measurements

Cardinal health has based its focus on improving its efficiencies to meet the demands of the hospital c-suit. An example of this phenomenon is an inventive method that aims to improve its effectiveness in the provision of pharmacies of varying sizes to hospitals has been the use of distant pharmacy services to offer efficiency and save cost (Wolper 2004). It provides medication order entry during weekends, and at night to hospitals, which have helped these hospitals to save an approximate of $230,000 pharmacy interventions, and $78,000 labor costs.

Nurses ensure that the patients get proper care, which includes the availability of medicine and surgical products that are provided by this company. The company ensures that it supplies the hospital requirements within the required time, which helps to reduce stress to the nurses since the patient's wellness means nurse satisfaction in the job (Clark 2017). The company supplies pharmaceutical and surgery products to more than 100, 000 hospitals in 46 countries, thus ensuring that the nurses work effectively in their job of providing patient's wellness.


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