Free Essay Example: Faction Groups

Published: 2023-03-29
Free Essay Example: Faction Groups
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James Madison, the most famous author in federalist papers, feels thankful to the Constitution for establishing a stable government capable of controlling the ferocity and destruction caused by factions. He defines factions as a group of individuals united to defend and enhance their interests and political ideas. Even though these groups differ from one another, they often operate against the interests of the public and interfere with the rights and freedom of the citizens. The author designates that this spirit of factions is ''sown in the nature of man'' and therefore, they are inevitable.

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Madison states that disparity in wealth distribution and lack of equity in property distribution are the significant causes of faction. Skilled and talented men in society possess more wealth than unskilled ones. Since the main objective of the federal is to guard and inspire talent, it protects property owners. However, instead of the government regulating disputes between people with and without property, it only rules in favor of the wealthy. It leads to the formation of faction groups. The most influential group tends to control the government, and, in most circumstances, they make decisions that benefit their group.

The United States of America, being a superpower country, should be a reflection of a country that advocates for equity. However, people still view it as a nation that violates the rights of the minority group in favor of the influential group. The United States has two parties, namely The Republican and the Democrat. The Republican, which is the ruling party under President Trump, has been overpowered by pressure from the most powerful group. The issue has led to political instability as the president responds more often to decisions from powerful factions. Failure to protect individual liberty has killed pure democracy.

In summary, faction groups arise from the unequal distribution of property. These groups always conflict with each other because of differences in economic interests and political opinions. Instead of the government regulating the dispute justly, they often rule in favor of the influential faction group. The political instability which has evolved as a result of faction groups has killed pure democracy.


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