Event Analysis Essay, Free Example for Everyone

Published: 2022-04-01
Event Analysis Essay, Free Example for Everyone
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This was an event held by the health care department of the community. The disabled were to take the day and try to clean up the community and have fun with all those who had participated. The event's main aim was raising some funds to help buy equipment for the disabled within the community. My parents had been involved in the preparation of the entire event hence I found it worth attending the entire operation and be part of the charitable work that was to happen during the day. I had never taken part in such an event, and the whole experience was breath-taking. The day was to show the people that disability does not generally mean helpless. The event had small children who had different disabilities such as body deformations, others who had been involved in accidents among other disabilities. They all seemed very happy being together and their mission was clear. I was in charge of the small children who were attending we had been assigned teams which had different responsibilities my team responsible for the small disabled children hence I had to interact with these children over and over hence helping me learn more about them.

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The event organizers had set different teams which were in charge of a number of activities. Some were to help the disabled collect the funds the people were offering; there were other teams responsible for helping out the elderly who had shown up for the day while others were there to observe the health status of the disabled. The healthcare body that had organized the event were also present so as to officiate the whole experience. For our team, we had to ensure all the disabled children were accounted for. We had drinking water for them, energy drinks which were issued to them also. He had to help out those that were unable to keep up with the rest. It was also our duty to make sure those with disabilities that affected there feeding were well looked after. We were also responsible for the fun activities that were included in the day's activities. This made my role very involved since I had to directly associate with the disable especially the small kids. The determination on their faces gave me the willpower throughout the day.

Addressing the participant before starting the event.

A few fun activities during the event.


I had a number of assumptions before participating in this event which were completely wrong. I always saw that most of the disabled personalities have problems taking care of themselves, but this was proved wrong. The people who showed up for the event had such high spirits and needed less of our help. They had all corners covered. They had adapted to their disabilities and used their available strengths perfectly well. One case that really moved me was that of a child who had no hands, and he had completely adapted using his feet to carry out all the activities our hands do carry out. They were such an inspiring group of people with the ability to self-sustain.

Also, the experience helped me learn a lot of new things. One of the most import thing that I learned is that disability is not a sickness and it does not affect the brain of a person. During the day, I managed to interact with such educated disabled persons who had a lot to share; they helped understand the importance of determination. I also realized that the group of disabled people gets stigmatized a lot by the others. This broke my heart to see how people see the disable as different types of humans which breaks the spirit of many. All what most of the disabled people I interacted with seemed to have a problem with that, they wished to create awareness that their disability does not make them less of a person but just a person with a slight difference.

The whole experience had a huge impact on me. I learned a lot on how to relate with them and what they would love to let the people learn. One of the most important thing that changed is how I early viewed the disabled as helpless. This is one thing many people have at the back of their minds. After seeing what the disabled could do all this changed my views towards the disabled. I interacted with a blind teacher who knew all his students by the pattern they walk and talk. He could identify all her students from a distance. So other things that the disabled could do not all could be accomplished by a normal healthy person.

After the whole day in the event, I felt the need to help the less fortunate disabled children who had suffered different development challenges due to the neglect by the community because of their disability. Help them access education and other basic needs. This will help them grow independently since I saw this had help most of the disabled persons I had interacted with. I would wish to start the charity which goes round the world helping these disable children.

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