Free Essay on Leadership Competencies

Published: 2018-04-08
Free Essay on Leadership Competencies
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Competencies of leadership introduction

The Deep-Water Horizon oil is considered as one of the largest oil spillages in the history of petroleum. It occurred in April 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven people went missing, and they were never found after that incident. The U.S government estimated that 4.9 million barrels were lost in that process. After failing efforts to content the flow, the government declared the well-sealed on April 19. Based on the government reports, the spillage affected the environment especially the marine. Most of the animals living in the water died as a result of that oil spillage. As such, the tourism industry was also affected, and the government had to respond rapidly to prevent further losses. Leaders tend to face various challenges on a daily basis. It is important for them to poses certain competency skills that would enable them to resolve some of these challenging issues. This paper will use five leadership styles in trying to resolve the Deepwater Horizon oil. The five leadership competencies that would be used in solving the case study include commination skills, decision making, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and courage.

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One of the competency that the leaders involved could use to resolve this case is communication skills. There are various ways of communication, and the leader must establish the best mode that would be effective for the organisation. In that case study, the management should communicate with different stakeholder on how they could resolve that issue. First, they need to communicate with the government some of the measures that they could use to restore the water to its initial stage (Ross, 2012). This includes removing the oil spillage as a way of preventing the death of aquatic animals.

Decision making in another competency that leadership need to possess (Joiner, 2017). This involves analysing various issues and selecting the best option that would address that given issues. For that case study, the leader should try to make a decision based on how it would affect the environment. In that light, they should try various methods before concluding with one decision. In most cases, leaders should try to find more information about a problem forms other people before making the final decision.

What leaders skills are needed?

Interpersonal skills is also a competency that the leaders need to acquire when trying to resolve the Deepwater Horizon. In that cases study, there many stakeholders who are affected by that oil spillage. As such, the leaders should be aware of how to interact with them to try and find the best solution for it (Anderson, 2009) . This could be through trying to hear their opinion about the matters and how they think would be the best option. Such action would create a good environment for all the stakeholders involved.

The leadership should have emotional skills when try to resolve the oil spillage issue. Emotional intelligence is the ability to communicate at the emotional level while trying to understand the emotions of other people involved. As such, they need to gauge how their decision would affect the other people involved. When the government decided to seal the well, it was the best decision since it would ensure such issues does not occur in the future.

Courage is another leadership competency that could be used in solving that case. Leaders need to be courage for them to calculate the risk and stand for what they believe. If the government decided to seal the well, it was a brave move, and another stakeholder would have criticised that action (Billsberry, 2009).

In conclusion, it is important for leaders to be competent is their area of expertise to resolve the various challenges that they face on a daily basis. Some of the competency can be acquired naturally while other required training and development.

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