Finance Essay Sample for Free: Evaluate Pay Equity

Published: 2019-12-20
Finance Essay Sample for Free: Evaluate Pay Equity
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Sustainable development can be referred to as the way society reacts to development in order to balance different, current, and competing wants in contradiction of the social, economic, and environmental disadvantages that people face in the society (Leach, 2015). Therefore, various factors that enhances development should be considered before they are implemented in order to ensure that the future generation is secured. First, the core principal of sustainable development is the environment. Environmental limits should be considered while implying any changes, so as to ensure that we enhance a strong, just and healthy society (Leach, 2015). Thus, this means that ensures that the various needs of the existing and future generation while promoting individual welfare, social cohesion, and generating equal opportunity. Poor decisions in the society such as poor planning has consequences on peoples life such as it reduces the quality of life. Second, the pillar social mainly focuses on the ability of a country to function at a well-defined level that comprises of harmony and social wellbeing (Leach, 2015). Therefore, any decision made in a society should ensure that it does not cause unsustainability such as war, poverty, injustice and low education. It is our responsibility to ensure that we ensure that social justice, reduce poverty, peace and promote social equality because by doing so we enhance the present and future development in our society. Third, economic is a pillar of sustainability development because it ensure that there is fair distribution and allocation of resources thus, ensuring that economic development upholds a healthy balance in the society.

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Pay equity has been an issue in the various countries across the world because sex and race discrimination is still happening in the job market. The law has protected all workers regardless of sex, color or lase against discrimination but still most firms are not observing this factors. Unfortunately, most glass ceiling index shows that the wage gap does not improve such as in the year 2015 the wage gape of women was 20% as compared to men (Laroche, 2016). The social pillar of sustainability development of pay equity has been unstable over the years. This is because there have been no change or positive effect on the issue of equality in the job markets. For example, according to Institute for Womens Policy Research (IWPR) track gender wage gap if the changes in the gender pay equality continue going slow as in the past fifty years ago then it will take longer than expected for women to reach the pay parity (Hartmann, 2015). The economic pillar of sustainable development is sustainable This is because today the society is mainly focusing on various ways that the it will continue to ensure that jobs opportunities are equally allocated to both men and women as per their education level. It has been noted that over the past years women have moved to occupations and jobs that are wholly men.

The wage gap initiative by government of New Brunswick measures wage gap compute the number of men and women workers and their hourly wages and then it calculate their wage gap by dividing the average number of women hourly wage by the mens average hourly wage then subtracting the answer from 100%. I chose this initiative because it provide an indicator of wage gap while concentrating on societal attitude and contributors such as job clustering, family duties, and under-valuation of female occupation by their traditions. In addition, it can be used to evaluate gender composition across all the levels of the organization.

Richard, L. (2002). Job satisfaction as an indicator of the quality of work. Volume 34 (issue 5) page 656-673. Retrieved from choose this a journal because it evaluates and explains the whether the distinctive of a job is reflected by the job satisfaction. It also focuses on the various variables such as wages, and working hours among others by comparing and noting the difference in various countries. It also give an analysis on the difference in job satisfaction among workers in the same country. Moreover, the journal focuses on the various objective that various that have been set in a country in order to measure job quality and job satisfaction. I will use the journal to identify and come up with objectives that can help in ensuring sustainability development. In addition I will use it to identify the various threats and challenges in enhancing economic sustainability.

Krishna, V., Shashidhar, R. & Smitha, D. (2016). Sustainable Development and Thresholds of Education for Sustainable Development Volume (issue 06) pages 35-42. Retrieved from choose this journal because it mainly emphasizes on the role education plays in sustainable development. This is because education mainly develops students capability to solve problems, ability to participate in democratic systems, take care of the world, think independently, and ensures they take responsibility of their welfare among others. The journal also focuses on also how all this factors affects the social sustainability development in our society by ensuring that people live in a peaceful and a well-functioning planet. It also discuss the importance of higher education and it impact a child decision making. I plan to use this journal to analyze and evaluate the role of education in ensuring that we achieve a peaceful and a functioning society. In addition, I will be able to evaluate how lack of education in a society can enhance unsustainability development in a country. Lastly, I will be able to identify the role that higher education plays in ensuring that the social pillar of sustainability development is enhanced


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