Essay Sample on 'The Powerful Noise' Movie - A Journey of Overcoming Challenges Faced by Women Worldwide

Published: 2023-03-02
Essay Sample on 'The Powerful Noise' Movie - A Journey of Overcoming Challenges Faced by Women Worldwide
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HIV (Vietnam)

HIV in Vietnam is a pandemic that has affected women and girls negatively. Women who are infected are half the population in Vietnam. HIV among these women has resulted in discrimination, and they are mainly impoverished. Women suffer more than men in this context since they have nobody to take care of them. They look after their husbands when they are sick, and after they die, they are left with no one to look up to. Women and girls living with HIV are discriminated against in Vietnam. This has greatly impacted the whole world, with most of the girls and women are discriminated against. Powerful Noise documentary has opened everyone's eyes to the concerning what women go through in health perspective the whole world.

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The social factors that influence most of the Women in Vietnam include lack of access to education, sexual exploitation, early marriages, and violent relationships. These social factors result in women living with HIV to lead ill health due to a lack of treatment (Ventures, 2012). They tend to live a miserable life with no access to social factors. The economic factors include poverty, lack of access to health facilities and lack of education among the women in Vietnam. Cultural factors include sugar daddy culture, child marriages, and biological factors.

People in Vietnam have started some organizations to help the well being of women impacting both the emotional and physical aspects of women. Women empowerment has offered a means of escaping from extreme discrimination and poverty in Vietnam through providing them with education, security and teaching them about equality. This boosts their both physical and emotional well being. Women are also given a voice in their societies.

Lack of Education (Mali)

Lack of education is a major problem among women in Mali. Lack of education gets these women into great risks of contacting killer disease because they lack knowledge, especially concerning sexually transmitted diseases. Most of the women in Mali have suffered in extreme poverty since they have no knowledge concerning safer abortions, safer births among others (Ventures, 2012). They are also forced to work as house helps since they cannot afford better jobs. Lack of education has negatively affected women in the whole world since they have little or no knowledge concerning their health and hence, they are prone to contracting diseases at a higher rate than the educated ones.

Economic factors that influence most of the women in Mali include lack of access to education, poverty, lack of proper access to healthcare, and non-employment. Social factors include violent sexual practices, early marriages, and lack of education among others. Cultural factors include early marriages among young girls and women and they mainly live in insecure environments.

Lack of education among women in Mali has negatively impacted their lives leading them to live in extreme poverty. The women and girls are not aware of health services, and most of them are affected by early marriages and bearing the high number of children that they are unable to support. This mainly affects both emotionally and physically since some of them engage in violent marriages making then to be tortured. They are highly discriminated in society hence suffer emotionally.

Economic Hardship Bosnia

The economic hardship of Bosnia was a result of a civil war that ended in the year 1992. The whole region was marked with crimes that resulted in economic degradation. Many people died during the civil war and this caused economic hardship (Ventures, 2012). The hatred and distrust that existed among the neighbors greatly contributed to the economic hardship. Half of the population in Bosnia-Herzegovina is not employed. Due to the economic, most of the children lack education, and they are forced to work to acquire livelihood. Most women suffer due to poverty and lack of education and unemployment.

The economic factors that contribute to economic hardship in Bosnia include the high rate of unemployment, poor education services, poor health services and lack of financial facilities to cater to the fees. The social factors are sexual harassment, abuse among women and girls, and lack of education. The cultural factors include gender constraints within society.


The Powerful Noise movie explores various efforts that are used to overcome challenges being faced by women. Some people have formed organizations to help women who are living in poverty. I admire how their rights are protected, and they are also encouraged to learn basic things in life. I have learned that women in the whole world face more challenges compared to men. This movie has affected how I see women, and I feel challenged to always look for ways to protect women's rights.


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