Free Essay on Meditation and Wellness in Society

Published: 2023-01-22
Free Essay on Meditation and Wellness in Society
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Meditation has been proven to be of great benefit to the wellbeing of the society. There are several health benefits that re associated with this mental activity. Among the health benefits include prevention of stroke, stress management, good mental health, and improves the immune system among many other benefits (Amit, 2015). It therefore is important that every member of the society embraces this activity for the general wellbeing of the society. This mental activity has been however associated with those who are open minded yet it is inherent for everyone to exercise it. The purpose of this paper is to develop a plan for creation of awareness for the health benefits of meditation.

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The goal of the plan of creating awareness on the health benefits of meditation is to enable people understand the importance of meditation. This will involve explaining to them how meditation would help their health performance in general. The plan also will enable people realise that meditation is for everyone and not designated for the few who are open minded. The other goal is to take them through series of actions that can be taken in order to cultivate this skill sine it is something habitual.

In order to minimize the impact of lack of meditation, it recommended that people be made aware of the benefits of applying meditation has on individual health. It is also recommended that health specialists use their position to publicise urgency of cultivating meditation for the wellbeing of the society. The media is recommended to also take part in making people aware of the importance of meditation. Learning institutions can be also resourceful especially when teaching life skills, this can be taken as one of the lessons to be taught among the students.

There are several challenges that are anticipated to be faced in the creation of awareness on the health benefits of meditation. One of the challenge is ignorance of people about their health. So many people do not care about their health and therefore, will make this activity difficult since they are likely to disregard it (Creswell, 2014). Doing this awareness through mass communication would also be difficult especially when there is need to give some details. In order to curb this, it would be more effective to do it at a one on one level. This can be done by approaching individuals or inviting them for the counselling. This is because, at individual level, people have a chance to ask questions and seek clarifications where possible. It also gives the counsellor a chance to analyse individuals in determining the extent to which people understand meditation and use it. It will also solve the issue of ignorance especially in the case of inviting the individual unless they turn down the individual.

The strength of this plan is that it will reach more people and does not require detailed medical expertise (Sharma, 2015). Its implementation would therefore be easy. It also has the advantage of being aired in various media and therefore diversifying the information. It would therefore reach a large number of people at once.


In conclusion, the creation of awareness on the health benefits of meditation on the wellbeing of the society is important. It will aid in removing ignorance that people have and be in a position to tell the benefits of meditation. The plan will involve use of media, medical and learning institutions to create the awareness and do it especially at individual level.


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