Essay Sample Describing Reports in Google Analytics

Published: 2022-11-04
Essay Sample Describing Reports in Google Analytics
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Audience Reports

Audience reports provide information about people who access a website. This information is important because advertising includes demographics and interest reporting. Audience reports help a business to have an overview of the age, gender and interest categories for the users. These reports allow a business to better understand who its users are. From these reports, the business owner can segment the rest of its analytics data using the same traits which help the business to understand how 'nonconverting' and converting users differ. Audience reports also help businesses target ads. It is noteworthy, however, that these reports may not be conclusive in collecting demographic details of users, so it is essential also to consider other reports (Google Analytics, 2018).

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Behavior Reports

Behavior reports assist businesses to discover how users interact with their websites. Through them, businesses get to understand the number of screens that are seen for every session of user access and how long an average session will last. This data is helpful in reviewing the relevance of the website layout and usability. Behavior reports are especially important when the business has relaid video slideshow content.

Acquisition Reports

Acquisition reports are useful for businesses that outsource advertisement services. They assist businesses in determining how users arrive at their websites. Additionally, acquisition reports are also helpful in studying traffic to the website of a business. With this data, businesses determine the most appropriate marketing campaigns for them in attracting users.

Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis refers to the analytical technic which focuses on the analysis of a group of users or customers over some time. In the process, the technique uncovers insights regarding the experience of this group of customers and what a business can do to improve the experience of such a group.

Lifetime Value

Lifetime value refers to the estimated average revenue which a website user will generate throughout their experience with the website as a customer. This information can help a business to determine its marketing budget, estimated profit and resources and is most useful for subscription offers.

User Explorer

User explorer report allows a business to isolate and examine individual users rather than guessing user characteristics through aggregate behavior. It assigns a unique identifier to the user.

Analytics Intelligence Reporting

Analytics intelligence refers to the set of features which employ machine learning to assist a business to make better sense of its data. Primarily, it encompasses two functionalities. First, it responds to the questions of the user. It makes the website interactive and gives it a human touch. Secondly, it offers insight by analyzing data for a business. It will also provide insights into opportunities and insights which the user should be aware. The technology depends on smart lists, smart goals, conversion probability, and session quality which are then combined to help build audiences for the business.


When a user is led to a website by a paid ad in the first instance, and then later they access the same website, this time directly, Google Analytics will attribute the second access to the initial referral by the paid ad. Google will do a search for traffic within the past six months regarding the website access.

Marketing Land

This webpage advertises Google Analytics' new functionalities. It has links to the Google Analytics Website which leads to attribution. What it does is to direct traffic on the way of Google Analytics by making it visible to its users. Google Analytics is, therefore, able to determine how many users access its website via this marketing site.


Google Analytics. (2018). Analytics. Retrieved from

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