Admission Essay Sample for the Masters Program in Public Administration

Published: 2018-07-02
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Public Policies Analysis

An individual desire for quality public service is one of the reasons that motivated me to advance my studies in public administration. Public service is an important function in so far as the improvement of the welfare of citizens is concerned. Effective delivery of public service functions is the responsibility of any government. As such, persons working with the government need to have the necessary skills and knowledge for them to deliver quality service. Another motivation is that I felt the need to have an in-depth knowledge and expertise about public administration which is critical for one to analyze public policies and come up with suggestions on how public service practices can be enhanced for the benefit of the citizens.

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I come from Iran, a country that has very serious issues relating to governance and public administration. For instance, corruption, dictatorship, political patronage, and bureaucracy are some of the challenges that affect the public sector in Iran. Some (if not all) of these challenges can be overcome through research and other knowledge-based avenues. Such strategies can provide insights into the best practices and draw lessons from other parts of the world where democratic values and principles are stronger in public administration. To accomplish this, one needs to acquire further training and knowledge.

Currently, I work as a public relations associate. The responsibilities related to this position include conducting research in areas of public interest. The relations associate position also involves creating awareness to the public on matters of governance and public policy. It is my sincere belief that the exposures I have gained as a public relations associate will enable me meet the academic demands of the master’s degree. For instance, skills acquired in research will prepare me for the intensive research activities that are associated with such an academic program.

Journalism Course

At the same time, I am taking a course in journalism that has been authorized by the Michigan State University. The intention for taking this course is to gain knowledge on both domestic and global issues relating to governance and public welfare. Coming from an oppressive background, journalism would enable me to tell the story of the common citizens and highlight the very many areas that public policy needs to address. So far, I have acquired knowledge on areas touching on issue exploration, ethical standards, public interests and the role of social media in the freedom of expression. Therefore, I am persuaded that these skills are relevant to public administration and other areas of public interest.

During the program, I expect to explore and research on various issues in regards to governance, social policy, and inequality. At a personal level, governance is a great concern considering the limited democratic space in Iran. Scandals associated with plunder of public resources by the political elite are of great concern and, therefore, require a keen interest to design possible alternatives for these ills. Meanwhile, social policy and inequality provoke lots of interest in me due to the close relationship of the mentioned issues with corruption, political patronage, and the dictatorship of the elite. As a firm believer in social and economic justice, I am persuaded that these practices have widened the gap between the rich and poor and, thus, need to be researched and the status quo challenged in the form of public policy proposals.

At the end of the program, I expect to have acquired skills and knowledge regarding public administration, especially in areas relating to governance, social policy, and inequality. Additionally, it is my hope that the experience and research exposures the program offers would equip me with knowledge about the best practices in public administration. All these benefits will be of great significance in setting the public agenda for the Iranian people. For these reasons, I hope the selection committee will consider this submission and make a positive determination.

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