Essay Sample about Political and Economic Situation of Pakistan

Published: 2022-09-08
Essay Sample about Political and Economic Situation of Pakistan
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Political and economic situation

Pakistan has an excellent political and economic situation. As a country, Pakistan economy advances from one level to another because of its favoring economic policy. We describe the financial situation of Pakistan in various ways, and these include business environment, friendly and attracting strategy of investment that one easily catch up with while in business. Pakistan also has different forms of business as well as various trade forms. Still, on the economy, the country has numerous industries that give it the upper hand in economic growth. Some of the industries that the country works from include the textile industry, mining industry and chemical industry among others. On political, the ultimate series of events experienced in Pakistan clearly shows its current political situation. The corruption cases recently explain the country's political turmoil (Hamid 2017). The turmoil political is evident in the state because of corrupt leaders practicing corruption as well as fostering injustices issues. All these explain Pakistan political and economic situation. The paper here analyzes Pakistan's foreign policy.

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Diplomacy, sanctions, and force are three essential distinctions that analyze a country's foreign policy. Pakistan has an excellent foreign policy; the country's foreign policy is friendly. The state has objectives from its strategy, which seek to promote the country.


Pakistan relation and alliance weighed with various country's' shows its relation strength. The relations are weighed with United States, India, Iraq Turkey, and United Kingdom among many more. With America, the Pakistan relation has always been good, unlike India. The association between Pakistan and the United States has been bad since when Pakistan was free, that is when they got independence. Despite the excellent relation, a time reached when the United States and Pakistan had mistrust issues. These issues kept the country at an edge. Some of the problems that Pakistan had with the United States include terrorism (Pichler 2017). Until the death of Osama, United states authority believed that Pakistan security, was part of Osama security or they were unskilled in dealing with the terrorist. Pakistan and United States started signing up treaties. These alliances show the strength of Pakistan thus diplomacy.

With India, Pakistan Diplomacy has never been right since ever. A series of events have characterized the relationship between the two countries. The Kashmir was a leading cause of differentiation between the two states. After the Second World War, the two countries met and agreed on one thing. The two countries agreed to be on supervision of United Nations.


The Pakistan policy has objections that best serve it as a country. Some of the objectives include unity as well as working with other countries (Iqbal et al.2017). The country policy designates friendliness and goodwill that helps its work well with the neighboring countries month many different objectives. The objective in the policy also focuses on the significance of peace by cooperating in a proper manner with other countries.


Talking of defense force, Pakistan has various strategies that ensure they remain the best thus define their power. The country has forums that entail military force. Some of the force includes Airforce, Navy, Defence and industry, Strategic force among others. The country's force offers it a good deal in diplomacy as well as policy and economy.


To sum up, Pakistan economic situation is not bad because of their busy business activities as well as their great investing policy. The investing strategy offers traders an excellent reason to invest in that country. The country is analyzed based on Diplomacy, policy, and force. In diplomacy, the country signs treaties a sign of good relationships.


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