Compare and Contrast Essay Sample on Servant Leadership and Followership

Published: 2022-02-16
Compare and Contrast Essay Sample on Servant Leadership and Followership
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Leadership is the act of someone leading those who are following him. Servant leadership is the act by which a leader involves the people he is leading in making a decision. This type of leadership is based on caring behavior and ethical behavior. It is divided into two main categories, which are ethical behavior and concern for subordinates. A servant leader has the following characteristics. He first listens to his members as they speak. Hearing to what members say and what they do not say enables one to listen to his thoughts. This will enable a leader to decide what is good for his peoples. He also has to be understanding to his people. He also has to show s

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A servant leader should be able to persuade people to do things rather than being a dictator. He seeks to convince people. He is also able to see the outcomes of different actions. He should be able to know the results of taking certain steps. He must also be committed to helping people grow rather than tearing them down. He must be committed to building the community in whatever way possible.

Leadership has to have different virtues for it to be effective. Leadership needs patience. A leader should always be patient as most of the time; his patience is usually tested. For instance, he might tell his people to do something that is to be done immediately, but the people delay in doing it. Leadership also needs the leader to be kind. He has to love all people equally and be able to give special attention to each one of them. For one to be a leader, he has to be humble. Some people might challenge you, and the leader might feel the need to be proud for he has power or authority. A leader has to be humble to go down to the level of his power so that he can relate to his people and cater to his needs. Leadership also respect and is two way. The leader should respect the people he is a leader, and the people should also respect their leader. If the leader does not respect his people, he should not expect them to respect him as much as they are obligated to.

A leader must also possess selflessness. He should always be able to deny himself pleasures or his wants for the sake of the people he is leading. He must be willing to put his people's needs first before his. This will make him a good leader and a loved one before his people. A leader must be willing to always forgive people when he is wronged. Mann is to error as no human is perfect. He must always have a heart of forgiving others when they wrong him. He also makes mistakes, and he is also forgiven. Leadership also requires honesty. A good leader has to always tell the truth to his people and never to lie in front of them. He must make promises that he can fulfill as people are counting on him to make sure that their needs are met if not all of them.

Followership is the act of allowing a person to guide them in the right direction. The primary characteristics are independent critical thoughts and active participation. If someone is not willing, he cannot do what his leader. The willingness must come from the heart. A follower must be faithful to his leader and fulfill all his obligations. He must be able to respect his leader and be willing to serve him always.

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