Ego Boosters and Ego Busters: Read Free Essay Sample

Published: 2019-09-16 10:37:24
Ego Boosters and Ego Busters: Read Free Essay Sample
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Major Role of Ego Boosters and Ego Busters

A persons ego is his or her personality that plays a significant role in how a person usually behaves or communicates with other people. Ego and self-esteem go hand in hand with each other in that, if your ego were boosted, you would have a higher self-esteem. Also, your self-esteem will be reduced if something negative happens to your ego.

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I remember some years back; we were given a task to write an essay by our language teacher as a class. It was supposed to be a creative writing. We finished and handled the papers to the teacher. Later on, she called me to her office. I wondered what kind of trouble I could have possibly gotten myself into. But when I saw her, she seemed impressed about something. So she asked if I had any assistance or borrowed some ideas when I was writing the creative essay she gave us. She thought the article seemed too professional to have been my idea.

It felt superb, and indeed, it enhanced my attitude towards writing articles. I no longer saw them as tedious works but as opportunities to exploit my creativity skills. The teacher here served as an ego booster to me.

However, there was another instance that reduced my self-esteem though the ego busters might not have noticed it. Some day, my comrades and I were invited to a certain party, so we had to meet at some place and then go together. On arrival at the meeting place, they started cheering for me and complimenting my outfit that I was looking great. They even asked if I had a date that I didnt tell them.

Of course, we laughed about it, but then later, it hit me that, they had never complimented my outfits before. So I started asking myself, was it that I usually dont dress up right enough to be praised during the other days? I tried to ignore, but the questions kept coming back and before I realized my self-esteem was reduced. In this case, they were the ego busters, but they were not aware of it since they said so as a compliment.

Now and then I tend to give people positive comments that they appreciate a lot. For instance, I once decided to eat at a random local restaurant. I ordered one of my favorite meals and in no time, it was prepared and served to me. Immediately I had the first bite of that dish; I was overwhelmed by the sweetness of its taste. That was incredible! I called back the person who served me and asked her if she was the one who made that dish. She had seen how my face was lit up and did not hesitate to say yes. I told her it was the tastiest food I have heard in a very long time, and she laughed. I ended up giving her a tip, she appreciated and said that it meant so much to her because she likes seeing people enjoying her meals. I was indeed the ego booster in this scenario.

Sometimes, trying to boost someone elses ego might end up having the opposite results. I used to play basketball while my friend watched. He was interested in getting to learn how to play since I was excellent at it. So he came during my practice hours and asked for the ball to make some shots. Unfortunately, none of his shots even reached near the rim of the basket. As a way to help him, I pressured him to add more effort when throwing the ball and went along to tell him that he throws the ball like a kid. At least it was how my coach taught me, and I knew it could also work with him because he was my friend. In the end, I realized that I had busted his ego, and he lost his confidence in ever playing the game since he never came for more practices since that day.

In conclusion, being an ego booster to other people serves them well and also helps them than being an ego buster. This assignment might assist me to be more cautious when trying to boost other peoples self-esteem and also avoid overdoing it.

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