Essay Example on History and Current Actions on Marijuana Legalization

Published: 2022-12-20
Essay Example on History and Current Actions on Marijuana Legalization
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Over a long time, the story about marijuana has had a rising tension because of the perception that it has been given over time. For a long time, marijuana has been considered as negatively impacting drug to society over the world. This has been the reason why the consumption of marijuana has been banned and treated illegally for a long time. The people associated with the consumption of marijuana over time have been considered and treated as being wrong in terms of how they think and do things. This reaction has otherwise caused a lot of interest in studying into details the effects and impacts of marijuana which of the late has revealed the other side of the use of marijuana. Scholars have been taking time and concentrations on doing deeper research to ensure that the public has the right information about marijuana. These studies have revealed the drug marijuana as not only being negative but also being positive drawing interests of the government officials and the political leaders to address the tension in the same. In America, the same tension has been in the rise; hence much concentration has been put to find the neutral ground for settling this issue that has always caused the bond of contention.

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The United States has the prohibition of the bhang; cannabis is controlled the substance act of 1970 which who9ch is under the CSA having the drug classified under the scheduled substances. This regards the drug as having a high potential of being abused. There has been complaining being posed to show the other good side of the drug, and there are projections and proofs that show that the drug has medical value and can be of good use to the patients with a mental problem. The medical use of marijuana that has also been approved by the doctors has been the reason why there is a difference in the opinions of the political leaders and even the other common people in the same state with much of the advocacy put on legalizing the drug for its good use. This, however, has not been easily acceptable to the other people whose attention and concentration is on ensuring the moral of the society remains kept to the standard that will continue to earn the United States the reputation and not bringing destruction to the people. President Trump commented about medical marijuana: "I'm in favor of it 100% during his 2016 campaign on marijuana legalization.

This was his opinioned view on the drug as per the review of the impacts of the drug that was proved by the health officers. At the same time, John Boehner, who was the then speaker of the house once stated he was "unalterably opposed" to legalization and now admits: claiming that his "thinking on cannabis has evolved. He is today on the board of the major marijuana company in the country which appears to be ironical. The development of the idea to legalize marijuana has been in the growth in the United States among other countries of the world. Again, the attorney general of the united states Jeff Sessions who also once was completely against legislation favoring marijuana, now says: "There may well be some benefits from medical marijuana." This brings to the attention of most of the people who follow after these influential people to view marijuana as being of better rather than harm. Most of the Americans were once confused about the correct direction. There is an anticipation that the drug will possibly be legalized in more than fifty states considering that the majority of the people 93% pools show to be in favor of the legalization of marijuana in the united states of America.

The arguments that are behind the legalization of the drug are majorly the fact that it has been proved to have medical value and will help the state to be able to reduce its expenses in acquiring it as a raw material in the production of the relevant medics that could still be exported to some other countries. It is also considered to have a greater impact on the building of the economic value of the states where it will be legalized. This will be as a result of having many people investing in the growing of the marijuana from which they will earn a living from the sales of the products they will harvest. At the same time, the taxes will increase for the states since the marijuana industries are expected to be registered once passed by law in the United States of America. This is expected to increase the economic base of the economy of America hence giving it more of the capital base hence command a great bargain of the global market. the fact that the medicine will be produced from the locally produced goods, those in favor of the legalization of the drug argue that it will reduce the cost of production of the tablets and the other relevant products that would possibly come from it. This otherwise is in direct contradiction of the position of the view of those who are on the contrary opinion concerning the legalization of marijuana. The group that opposed the legalization of counted some side effects that they sow as being negative about the drug and in their opinion was evident enough to stop the bill of the legalization of marijuana. They claimed that the consumption of the day had resulted in increased cases of insanity in the states. This is considered to be as a result of the over smoking of the drug which rendered many people to be out of their senses and to be like mad people. It was evident, and the fear was all over what will be done to control the overconsumption of the drug among the teenage and the youths.

Again, the use of marijuana has been evaluated to lay a critical role in the increasing rate of crime which they view to be because of the influence of the drug. This is because when the individuals are under the control of the drug then, they are not able to act soundly. At the same time, they argued that the use of marijuana had caused laziness among the people especially those who smoked it. After smoking, some people were unable to perform their duties as required and hence could not live their lives of responsibility. This made it difficult for the opposing power to come into agreement with the proposers of this notion that has taken a side in many of the states in America. The antagonism on the legalization of marijuana in America has led to a bit of difference in the understanding of one another. In the year 2019, the legislation would that was consented on could be a banner year for legalization via state legislatures after the speech of Mason Tvert who is the spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project. He made his statement on an email. As a result of his view and speech on the status of marijuana, several states across multiple regions of the country are strongly considering ending prohibition and regulating marijuana for adult use. A growing number of state lawmakers and governors are either getting behind these efforts or realizing that they cannot hold them up much longer. The steady growth of public support has been seen around the country will likely translate into some major state-level victories for marijuana policy reform. The evolvement of the opinion of the people about the legalization of marijuana has been seen to mature in the realization of the passing of the law in some of the American states.

In the current moment, there are a total of ten states in which there has been the legalization of marijuana and the enactment of the law has taken the move. President Donald Triumph signed a document of law that legalized marijuana as a product in ten states in America. The states have had the legalization by the medicinal value of the drug to be used in the manufacturing of the drugs. The legalization of the drug has otherwise been seen to lead to some sense of improvement in the economic development of the states where marijuana was legalized. As things stand right now, the chances are high that all the fifty-two states will pass the law in unison to make the use of cannabis sativa legal by the same to help in building up the economy and the oneness of the member states in the continent. The use of the medical perspective of marijuana has been approved by the states that implemented it as working and is of a good return. So many marijuana companies have come up in the United States and are generating a commendably large sum of money which to the opinion of the state is a positive move which is considered to motivate the other states which had not allowed the use of marijuana to legalize it. The step of the legalization of marijuana is seen to take place in the world that would lead to the legalization of it in most of the globe owing to the basis of the superiority of the American states. This will ensure that the world will take another move all together which will result in the unification of the ideas about some many other products that are currently prohibited. There could be attempts to follow the suit of the same to legalize more of the products in the United States of America and the other countries of the world.


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