Policy problem outline

Published: 2022-08-05
Policy problem outline
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The housing child-sex offenders' policy outlines the community concerns on the placement of pedophilia offenders after the completion of their sentences. Different legislations trying to find an amicable solution for the displaced ex-offenders and the safety reassurance of the children and the community at large are yet to come up with the best solution safe for everyone. The chances that offenders can re-offend is not guaranteed registered depending on the state's ability to offer rehabilitation and recidivism services during the sentence and post sentences periods leaving the offenders and the community to attract great disgust and anger. Dennis Ferguson's case attracted a lot on the relocation and housing struggle facing the community and the NSW Housing ministry when caught up in the middle of unclear policy stipulation.

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Key stakeholders groups

The primary stakeholder groups relevant to issues surrounding the policy concerns include the child-sex offenders and the officials of the NSC housing ministry. Dennis Ferguson is one among multiples of child-sex offenders released from jail after the completion of their sentence. They are directly affected by the policy their relocation is unwelcome in the community. Although, much is not covered in their safety against the protection from the angry community that feels that there are high chances of recidivism because of limited rehabilitation during prison or release period. The justice Action activist under the umbrella of NSC housing ministry seeks to address the policy requirement to safeguard the lives of the likes of Ferguson by relocating them despite unfair hound by the public and the media. The NSC Housing minister is caught up in the middle of executing the relocation and protection of the victim villains on the perceptions of the community feeling reluctant to accept back released convicts of child-sex offenders because they feel as much as their rights need to preserve the safety of the community is not assured due to the uncertainty of prediction of reoffending.

Stakeholder groups position on the problem

The issues of housing concerns faced by child-sex offenders like Dennis Ferguson attribute to the offender's perception of the violation of their civil rights by the angry public and media that over speculate their relocation in the community. Placing them back to their rightful positions and homes in the community hinder their free movement in the streets because of stigmatization. Continued protest by the public to have the child-sex offenders removed from the community has thwarted their reposition of their lives back after prison life. Many offenders are faced with issues that threaten their lives at the mercy of the public. On the other hand, the NSC Housing Ministry officers are not given the proper relocation mandate to accommodate child-sex offenders after the release from prison. According to the Housing Minister David Borger, cases like Dennis Ferguson's scenario are happening every day with ex-convicts of child-sex offenders being released from jail without proper rehabilitation therapy during the sentence period and adequate release procedure to reaccept the convicts back into the society with the reassurance of not fearing reoffending.

Personal response

As such individuals faced with pedophilia cases are a threat to child protection and safety. Their relocation in the society will require a lot of caution both on the ex-convicts and the NSC Housing officers. I disapprove the way child-sex offenders demand understanding from the communities concern and do not appreciate Ferguson's arrogance the cause of alarm for the society to reject them back. It is important to seek proper help long before the damage is perpetrated against the children victims or the community at large. The NSC Housing officers need to understand the community's concerns in not wanting to accept child-sex offenders back into their society.

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