Free Essay Example. Drinking Water and Consumer Confidence Report

Published: 2023-01-13
Free Essay Example. Drinking Water and Consumer Confidence Report
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Drinking water is a necessity for life that enhances the growth of a living being daily. It emerges from various sources such as reservoirs, springs, rivers, ponds, lakes, wells and streams be it tap water or bottled water while the consumer is an individual ingesting a drink or any edible substance into the body: consumer confidence report is the counter piece that enhances the amendments to safe drinking water law. Therefore drinking water has got various acts that safeguard the end user to have maximum confidence in it.

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Is construed that the amendments contain various laws that safeguard the entire public information concerning drinking water, and it incorporates the yearly open water compliance information that is made available from the water drinking offices. Making the public aware of the waterworks individuals who are not adhering to contamination acts, however yearly it is mandatory to all waterworks owners to submit consumers' confidence report concerning the drinking water that they supplied to the community in the previous year. The availed report of consumer confidence report entails the following; education required, infringements, information water system, detected contaminants and dissemination, and they discussed below.

Educational information required a report on drinking entails the following, compulsory communication addressing vulnerable occupants to be in drinking water plus statements that are informative on lead and nitrate, and it also entails health effects information. Infringements elaborate every monitoring and give detailed information that took place during the reporting period. Information water system requires phone number plus a name of the waterworks owner, and they also avail the opportunity to the public to participate.

Besides, detected contaminates utilizes a different table for listing non-regulated contaminants such as alkalinity, manganese, and irons plus it shows various sources of detected sully. Waterworks individuals sometimes have got a short statement concerning the unavailability of any contaminant detection; specifically, contaminants that are crucial to customers, and they also have an interest in it.

In conclusion, it is true, as discussed above and stated in every point that drinking water comes from various sources and has got a set of standards under drinking water act that water works owners should adhere. Hence these guidelines help the public to consume a better end product that is fit for their health and a community like all. And therefore, standards of water law are compulsory within the country.


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