Essay Example: Why do we have Troubles Fixing HealthCare Systems

Published: 2023-03-26
Essay Example: Why do we have Troubles Fixing HealthCare Systems
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Various signs of progress in science have resulted in significant improvements in our wellness and health. As health care administrators come up with new ways of serving the health needs of the community, the health care systems also strive to remain up-to-date and serve patients (Jacobson & Jacobson, 2016). However, major problems still exist in the United States health care systems that still render it difficult to fix health care systems completely. The main focus of this paper is to examine the reason why there are troubles in fixing health care systems.

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Lack of Insurance and Private Health Insurance

Medicine in the United States has turned out to be a big issue. Expenditures for health research, health care, and other health services have sharply risen, costing the nation over $2.5 trillion annually (TEDx, 2020). This, in the industrial world, translates to the largest figure per capita. However, the United States can still be spotted lagging behind other industrial nations in numerous significant health indicators. Private health insurance systems of the United States can be attributed to the reason why it is doing poorly in health care provision. Most Western nations have embraced the national system of health insurance and health care. In a bare contract to most Western nations, the United States largely relies on the direct-fees system (TEDx, 2020). Sixty-five years old individuals pay for themselves medical costs with the aid of private health insurance mostly via a person's employer or personal resources. On the contrary, those above sixty-five years old are catered for by the Medicare. This leaves behind about 51 million Americans who are lacking health insurance. The lack of health insurance poses adverse consequences to the less privileged as they may not receive health care or care for some illnesses and conditions (Jacobson & Jacobson, 2016). The lack of a universal health care system in the United States is what has made it difficult to fix health care systems.

Medical Fraud and Medical Ethics

Another problem is the question of outright medical fraud and medical ethics. Most health care providers, including dentists, physicians, nursing homes, medical equipment companies involved in various kinds of health care frauds (Jacobson & Jacobson, 2016). Some of them at times bill Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance companies for tests or exams that were not done and bill dead patients at the time they were allegedly treated or come up with "ghost patients." It is estimated that all kinds of health care frauds cost approximately $100 million per annum (Jacobson & Jacobson, 2016). Such malpractices are some of the aspects that make it difficult to fix health care systems comprehensively.

Shortage of Physicians and Nurses

The shortage of nurses and physicians is another problem that makes it challenging to fix health care systems. Moreover, another problem emanates from the emergency rooms. Most specialist physicians do not like working in emergency rooms owing to the fact that work is very difficult there and relatively low rewarding (TEDx, 2020). This makes the majority of emergency rooms to lack a sufficient number of specialists resulting in potentially insufficient emergency care for patients. The other setting where there is a severe problem in the rural area. Rural people lack convenient access to health care professionals, hospitals, and emergency care (TEDx, 2020). The access issue is thus attributed to numerous health problems in rural settings. It is, therefore, worth noting that the shortage of nurses and doctors in rural areas and emergency rooms is among the factors that make it difficult for the health systems to fully fixed.


Various problems still exist in the health care systems that render it difficult to fix health care systems completely. Some of the problems include lack of insurance and private health insurance, medical ethics, and fraud, as well as a shortage of physicians and nurses. Unless the problems are addressed, it will still remain difficult to fix the health care system successfully.


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