Founders' Son: A Life of Abraham Lincoln Review. Essay Sample

Published: 2023-01-03
Founders' Son: A Life of Abraham Lincoln Review. Essay Sample
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Founders' Son: A Life of Abraham Lincoln is a book written by Richard Brookhiser and published in New York by Basic Books in the year 2014. The book has 347 pages. Richard Brookhiser is a senior editor with National Review, a place he has worked since 1977, having had a column with New York Observer for 20 years that ended in 2007. Currently, he is a column writer for American History, having written and hosted various documentaries, mostly on the different founding presidents of the United States including George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. Richard Brookhiser has 11 books to his name, written in various periods from 1986 to 2011. A common factor in his writing aligns to the history and politics of the United States, with a focus on the founding fathers, their contributions, and influences to America.

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Establishing an understanding of Richard Brookshire's intended accomplishments with the book, Founders' Son: A Life of Abraham Lincoln is not an easy task. Having written various books on United States' founding fathers, this piece comes as a unique acknowledgment of Lincoln's interest in his 18th-century predecessors for guidance and how best he sees and learns from them without focusing on the founding fathers themselves (Brookhiser, 2014). The title of the book, which indicates the innovative nature of the writer's perspective clearly shows that the author intended to provide a detailed biography of Lincoln. However, after reading the book, it is evident that the author pays more attention to the history of Lincoln's career and his contributory ideas. The author goes through Lincoln's political and professional experiences and focuses on the meaningful encounters he made with the founding fathers. Principally, Brookhiser traces the regular adaptations and reflections of the founding fathers' ideas. More importantly, he shades more light on Lincoln's personal and political evolution.

From a critical in-depth analysis, Brookhiser had a general audience in mind while writing the book. The distinctive approach given in this book reflects a broader belief that Lincoln's life is readable from a series of engagements he made with his fathers. The evidence presented is seen in Lincoln's compelling new biography that details the lifelong struggles he endured to make a reality the work of the Founding Fathers. Brookhiser follows the life of Lincoln from the humble beginnings until his assassination, with a full view of every side as a lawyer, congressman, and even president. Despite the different life, Lincoln continually goes back to the founders as a means of inspiration and to build the vision for the more exceptional nation. Following the chronological arrangement that Lincoln's life in the book, this Brookhiser's writing enhances the validity of sources used, giving full information.

From the influence of the biological father, whom he later rejected as a life model to the adoption of the influential life of the founding fathers, the evidence presents an in-depth understanding of Lincoln's life. Analysis of the nature of the relationship between Lincoln and the iconic figures of America's previous generations, grounds the book, giving a more understanding of Lincoln and influences to the personality he adopts, a critical aspect that fits the text into the other many on Lincoln. While the book has a dynamic approach, it lacks intense research, and Lincoln experts and scholars are unlikely to get any new view from the book. However, the book remains inspiring from the historical figure it brings to life.

Considering the focus given to the founding father and their influence on Lincoln, the author should have equally given some fascinating cultural history in the post-heroic era; the life after the founding fathers. Such would have given the book more in-depth research. Regardless, the book is recommended, especially for those that seek to understand the influence the founding fathers had in Lincoln's vision for the United States. It offers an in-depth discussion of such a perspective.


Brookhiser, R. (2014). Founders' Son: A Life of Abraham Lincoln. New York: Basic Books

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