Free Essay on Whether the Increasing the Age of Driving Will Cause Reduction of Accidents

Published: 2019-06-19
Free Essay on Whether the Increasing the Age of Driving Will Cause Reduction of Accidents
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The increasing number of fatal accidents in the United States has raised questions about the quality of drivers in the country. Particularly, the legal age of driving has been a matter of debate since some people argue that the age of owning driving license that is sixteen might be the major cause of the growing accidents. In some other countries, the age limit has been increased to 18 years old arguing that at 18, the teenagers are mature enough and has a more developed brain. Increasing the legal age of owning a driving license will not reduce accidents since there are other more serious causes of accidents other than just possessing the license at sixteen years of age.

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First authorities should focus on the quality, strictness, and the duration of training. A study conducted by the roads authority reveals that serious and fatal accidents have been caused by drivers who either got the driving license illegally or lack driving license. This means that training is a matter of concern if it comes to driving and accidents. Therefore, instead of focusing on the age, the authorities should increase the duration of training and make it strict such that anybody who fails or do not meet the requirements should not possess the license. Through that, drivers will come out from the schools when experienced and hold the needed skills on the road.

Increasing the age will not reduce accidents; carefulness will eliminate accidents on the road. While the proponents of age increase argue that an 18-year-old is more mature and careful, it is obvious that there are 16 years old teenagers who are more cautious on the road than 36-year-old drivers. On the same note, scientists reveal that at 16 years of age, the brain is fully developed, and there are very little changes that occur within two years. Therefore, while on the road, drivers should just be careful to avoid accidents. Notably, it has been confirmed very many young teenagers are very sharp and respond to changes with immediate effect while on the road.

There are major causes of accidents that should be prevented instead of denying the teenagers the right to gain experience while still young. According to the national transport system, there are several reasons for road accidents. First, the influence of alcohol is the leading cause of accidents. Moreover, roads signs should be in exact place to alert drivers. Therefore, instead of focusing on matters that have little cause of the accident on the road, the authorities should first focus on the major origins.

Following the discussion herein, it is evidenced that the age of owning a driving license should not be increased since it has no effect on the cause of accidents. Although some teenagers are very careless and irresponsible at the age of sixteen, most brains have developed at that age. In this regard, the national transport system should focus on the quality, duration, and strictness of training instead of age. Moreover, there is no relationship that exists between the age and carefulness. Lastly, instead of denying the young people a right to drive, authorities should prevent major causes of accidents such as driving under the influence of alcohol.

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