The Narrative Arc of the Video - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2021-03-15
The Narrative Arc of the Video - Free Essay Sample
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The narrative arc of the video is that it starts with an exposition at the beginning. The video explains the background of the information to the audience by introducing the main character who causes the development of the story. It is evident by the archetypal businessman who is well-dressed, who walks in the street and then suddenly lies down in the middle of the sidewalk. The man curls up just as if he wants a blanket.

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The main character in the video clip is this man since the whole story revolves around him. This character sets the background of the story when he another man comes and trips himself on this man, but what surprises him is that he does not want to wake up. At this point, the narrative arc proceeds to the rising action where the other well-dressed man is curious since he wants to know the reason this man doesnt want to wake up.

At this point, the action starts rising towards the climax. Many other people start meeting at that point where the main character is lying to find out a reason. It shows that these characters are fascinated, and they are eager to know why a well-dressed man such as that one can simply lie there without a reason. The narrative arc at this point misses the climax since all the people are requesting for an answer behind the persons behavior, but the person does not want to give them the reason he is lying down there.

The character kills the climax of the story when people are forcing him to tell then the reason he is lying down there. During the rising action of the narrative arc, there is the use of suspense and foreshadowing as seen from the other characters who have a high expectation of wanting to know the cause of the mans action. The most interesting part is where the police come and insists that the man cannot continue lying there and tries to force him to wake up.

Both the police and the second character in the story try to coerce the man to tell them the reason he is lying down there. The man induces fear and more excitant when he tells them that he is afraid that something bad might happen to those people when he tells them the reason he is lying down there. Therefore, it makes the second character demand the reason as seen from his facial expression of anger and worry. After insisting for a long time, the man finally tells them the reason.

The man says that if I tell the reason I am lying down, it will dampen the effect and possibly even make you want to lie down on this sidewalk too. Lie down first so that I tell you the reason. This answer makes all the rest of the people also to lie down on the road. At this point, the video depicts the falling action of the narrative arc. The falling action destroys the expectation of the audience since one expected that the person will give a credible reason. Then the resolution comes in as part of the narrative arc whereby the story ends by showing the trial of these characters. When some of the band members look through the window to see what happened, it is like a coincidence with their story.

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