Parents Supporting Reading Today - Learning Essay Sample

Published: 2019-09-10
Parents Supporting Reading Today - Learning Essay Sample
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Settling for average is not an option, always strive to learn what you can and be the best you can in attaining knowledge using maximum determination. Learning is intricate; it begins at birth and continues throughout ones life. Parents are the first role models for their kids and consequently, have a reliable authority over their children's education. All parents play a full and active role in their children's learning and development.

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Parents can persuade their children to take up fun and interactive activities that entail reading. Examples of such activities include; cooking which requires reading a recipe, constructing a kite which requires reading directions or identifying an appealing g bird's nest that requires the use of a hard reference book. Additionally, when parents are teaching their pre-schooling kids to read, they should use an index finger to trace each and every word as they read. This course of action is straightforward and helps children to perceive words. They are also able to understand simple principles of reading such as; one should read from left to right and from the top of a page to the bottom. Through this, children are also able to learn that sentences are made up of words and that words are made of letters. Parents should also examine the cover page of a book and talks discuss a book's title before reading with their children. Getting a sense of the cover page will make reading the book attractive to kids. When reading, parents should help their children visualize the stories, poems or articles they are reading especially if they lack photos. Parents should always provide varied reading materials for their children including books that are informative and academic in nature or those that demonstrate their hobbies and interests. Parents should help their children get a place at home that is their favorite reading spot; put a basket of books around that location and a literacy related gift to encourage them. The kids will end up loving to read as they will ultimately find it fulfilling and entertaining.

It is not hard for children to be able to learn how to read as well as take a keen interest in reading. Reading is a behavior that needs to be cultivated time and again. Consistency is the key. Therefore, parents should make it a practice or an essential requirement for kids to read. Consistency with no point makes the kids adapt to reading since they are good in imitating.

Parents are supposed to schedule for their family's reading time. With a schedule in place, kids will always be aware that they are required to be reading and not playing or watching TV. This action will cultivate consistency and discipline in the children as well. Parents can either choose every evening to be a reading time or at least one day in a week, especially on Fridays. In determining the reading time for the family, the parents should consider when the kids are most comfortable or tired after play.

For parents to ensure that their children read fluently, many strategies ought to be kept in place. The parent should time and again read out loud. This will not only be fun but also helpful to the kids. Kids will develop confidence in their reading even though they misspell a few words. As the kids listens to their parents reading out loud, they can pay focus to the meaning of words and cultivate imagination. If a child is a beginner in terms of learning to read or just happens to be a slow reader, it should not worry a parent. A parent should be willing to help such a sound with their alphabets and letter sounds. If one of the kids is older, he/she should act like a teacher and read books to their siblings. Also, the parent should teach the child to record videos of herself reading and then follow along correcting any reading errors. If the concepts discussed are consistently applied, children will pick up good reading skills within a matter of time.

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