Essay Sample on Divorce Corp Movie Review

Published: 2023-07-23
Essay Sample on Divorce Corp Movie Review
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After watching the documentary, I was surprised at the reality behind the divorce proceedings that have become very common in the United States. While the divorcing parties view divorce as a viable solution to their differences in their marriages, the people concerned with divorce proceedings have turned the already painful affair into a business procedure; hence the documentary's title `Divorce Corp.' The family court system of the United States has become more concerned with making money off divorcing couples, turning the system into a profit-making process, raking in up to $50 billion annually. Judicial misconduct during the proceedings has also been cited as another issue that has faced the family court system of the United States. Additionally, I was surprised that despite being expected to be looking out for the interests of the clients seeking their services, divorce lawyers are no better.

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They, therefore, only look out for their selfish interests and are concerned about making their clients bring in more money, and whatever happens to the fate of their clients is among the last things that they care about. The family court system has been termed to operate as if it is a cartel, with the court system and the lawyers becoming cohorts to make the divorcing parties lose as much money as they can to them, and making divorce proceedings favor them depending on how much they can afford to lay on the table. Finally, the case of child support surprised me, with the amounts going higher in recent times, despite couples having the same earning capabilities, meaning divorce is expensive as a process as well as an aftermath to the parties involved.

My view on the issue of marriage has been transformed. I think given how expensive divorce is, married couples should try as best as they can to ensure that they work out their issues as amicably as they can to ensure that they do not get to the bitter end of a divorce, which according to the documentary is an expensive and traumatizing affair. Additionally, I have seen the need for married couples to work to save their marriages to ensure that they do not put their children do not have to go through the traumatizing divorce proceedings and the painful reality that follows the divorce of their parents.

My perspective on marriage has also been changed. I believe that the marriage institution in the United States has been set up to fail, with the statistics of up to 50% of the marriages in the country ending up in divorce, meaning that the system is partly to blame for the rising numbers of divorces, as well as the benefits that they reap from the proceedings. I also believe that instead of going for divorce, couples should first try the option of marriage counseling and see if they can resolve their issues. Instead of investing heavily in divorce and family courts, the government and other concerned social institutions should instead ensure that they invest in systems that would help marriage be sustainable in society.

When contrasted to the American system of divorce and child custody proceedings, the Scandinavian system is way better. The end of a marriage, that is, divorce is a more peaceful and less stressful affair, with the Scandinavian system and approach being more liberal and open to the parties involved. The system is less prolonged, more peaceful for the divorcing parties, and more economically viable to the parties involved.

Additionally, the Scandinavian approach is unique in that they have a prevalence of cohabitation in the stead of marriage, a practice that may be interpreted as the couples seeking the compatibility that they need to establish they have before jumping into a marriage whose success is not assured. Again, the Scandinavian system of marriage is unique since it offers the divorcing parties the opportunity to remain autonomous. However, this personal freedom achieved has been termed as a detrimental practice, especially when there are children involved. In light of the worrying family court system of the US, I would highly support the Scandinavian approach to marriage and divorce, given its economic fairness approach as well as the peace the divorced couples get to enjoy when the divorce proceedings are ongoing and when they are over.

Before getting married, I would undertake several measures. First, I would ensure that I get to know the person to whom I would get married. This would mean an extended period of dating, where I would get to experience them in person and see how they handle the different situations that they face, and therefore understand how to manage them in those situations in marriage as well as during that dating period. Secondly, however controversial this is, I would set up a period of trial marriage, whereby we would cohabit for at most three months to see if the traits they have displayed during the dating are indeed honest and if I could be able to keep up with the negative aspects that they have presented in the course of the cohabitation.

Once that is checked off the list, I would then have a lawyer draft a pre-nuptial contract for the person I would be marrying so that in the eventuality of divorce, I would get to keep my money and properties, instead of having them claim part of what I would have made, therefore ripping me off of my hard-earned money. Finally, I would ensure that we have a constant review of our marriage so that we try as much as we can to remain married and ensure that the children we have do not go through painful experiences of having their parents go through a divorce.

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