Essay sample on starting Health Counselling and Psychology

Published: 2022-10-27
Essay sample on starting Health Counselling and Psychology
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My study on Counseling and psychology has equipped me with a variety of skills that will help me to serve different patients in hospitals in the right manner. I am competent to work in mental health clinics, hospitals and any other institution that serves to improve the health conditions of different people. Times, all that a patient requires is someone who can help them overcome a sickness that only affects their maid set and not the physical body.

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How I will apply the acquired skills

Through the course, I am equipped with enough skills to do the following in my career. To understand and guide a group of people suffering from a specific medical issue. People may have a mental condition as a group, example after being involved in an accident. The group that was involved in such a situation may be healthy physically but still under fear and a lot of stress after going through such a horrifying situation. It is my responsibility to guide them through the case which requires a lot of care and guidance. Through my learned skills, I will be able to guide them through so that they can recover and proceed with their normal life.

The course has also equipped me with different knowledge on the human-development process. People in the world are different which means that they have different growth patterns. I shall utilize the learned knowledge to at least ensure that I have guided them so that they may cope with various aspects that they will come across in life and also how they interact with other people in their communities.

I can take part in community development through sharing my knowledge. People have always needed being able to handle severe mental and health problems so that to live a happy life. (Mackenzie, 2004) By attending seminars that are meant to equip people with knowledge of how they can life a better life, I can systematically analyze important information that will help solve some of the problems affecting them. A good example is a team of diabetic patients who have come together to help each other so that they can live a better life despite their illness. The group will benefit a lot from my skills as I will guide them on how to take control of their thinking so that the condition's effect on them and their daily lives will be minimal. Mental stress can be worse than the disease itself.

Apart from poor health conditions, society faces so many other problems that affect their lives. The primary role of counselling is not to guide them but to help them realize their predicament and define ways that will help them to take control of the situation. I can help them through the situation by setting counselling sessions for them whereby I will listen to their problems from time to time. It does not matter how long it will take for them to recover so long as they are willing, I will be there to serve them. The primary ethic of counselling is to keep the client's information confidential which I will always do as long as being in the career.

When it comes to working in the health centers, my main role will be to offer both primary and secondary care to the patient in need of my help. My primary concern is to provide diagnostic intervention to the patient. It will be my responsibility to offer psychological treatment to the patient and also to guide them on different illness preventions that they can take so that to ensure that they recover from an illness that affects them. Guiding them on behaviors that will lead to better health will be of much importance. It is always better to learn the best ways to prevent an illness than how to cure it. An example still on the diabetic issue, once the doctor detects the signs of the disease, it will be my duty to guide the patient on behaviors that they should start taking part in and those that they should stop so that to prevent the disease.

On secondary care, I will handle a variable number of people in different age groups. The activities that I will take part in will include rehabilitation. Different people face various problems that may lead to them becoming part of something that is they cannot control. Example if a patient cannot stop abusing a specific drug. The patient may be willing to stop the habit but they cannot because the drug has become part of their body functioning system. Some other groups may be affected by adolescence or aging which are all normal stages of human life. (Mackenzie, 2006)Being there to help them will always be my priority which will contribute significantly to curb some of the effects of their conditions.

Some patients have health problems that require a lot of attention when it comes to being guided through their illness. People suffering from life-threatening cases need a series of assessments, patient care, and cognitive rehabilitation since it is not a natural condition to deal with knowing that your life is in danger and anything may happen at anytime (Vogel, 2006). The patients require someone who will devote themselves regardless of their job conditions of other factors. By undergoing all the courses that I have learned, I will be competent enough to assist them through the situation.

Not only in health centers but people working in different companies and also students in schools will also require my help. Example, I am competent enough to control a situation that has led to fear in a school thus affecting students' natural learning. It will always take time to get things under control but through systematic planning and employing different skills acquired, I will be a life-changing solution to the psychological problems at hand in the social places.


I have always had the heart of helping people to solve their problems. The course has offered me the best skills and knowledge that I will employ to handle different situations affecting different people in society. My main aim will be to enhance people's lives by giving them a good mindset of handling difficult health and psychological problems.


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