Essay Sample on the Influence of Electronic Sports Games on Young Generation

Published: 2022-08-01
Essay Sample on the Influence of Electronic Sports Games on Young Generation
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The electronic game is also known as E-sports, pro gaming, video gaming or e-sports. This game takes the form of marshaling of multiplayer games contestation mainly among professional e gamers. E gaming was initially not that popular at the beginning since it was left for the armatures but with the start of the new millennial professionals have shifted to online and offline gaming and in addition, it brought with it an audience who are facilitated to take part in these e-sports event by way of live streaming. In the year 2010 e gaming had gained the popularity that it made video game developers specifically make games that are dedicated for e-sports. The popular video game categories interlinked with this are the real-time plan, 1st person action, combat, and multiplayer battle. The most played E-sport games are combat games such as call of duty and counter strike global offensive.

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E-sports have become part and parcel of the lives of the young people in the world. These sports both impact this group positively and negatively. E-sports affect the academic performance of students in school in a negative way. Scholars have indicated that the frequent a student plays an E-Sports game the more likely he /she will drop in his grades. Another negative impact of the video game on children is that it promotes violence that it makes these children who play to commit the acts they have seen. In most action video games the content there is not for underage people but you will find parents letting their children play because they consider this games to be harmless. In reality, these games show students how to use weapons and kill people. These people are most likely to have violent thoughts or an aggressive behavior towards other people.

Gaming has contributed towards critical thinking and self-reflective education among children. These two skills are very crucial in a student's life during tertiary education and also in searching for an employment opportunity. E-sports has the effect of making the human brain to make quick and effective decisions that can also be applied in real life situation. Lastly, it helps to develop a reading culture due to the many in texts in the games and also reading the storyline of a particular game.

The issues arising out of e-sports in the society are many. Firstly there is the matter of addiction among young people in these games. Secondly, there is the issue of the high costs of these games. Another issue is that young people participate in traditional sports has dropped. The margin is not that significant but young people nowadays prefer to sit in front of a computer and play games rather than going outside to play (Jonasson, and Thiborg). Another factor that has contributed much to this is the issue of social media interaction which has also fueled e ports. Young people can now interact online with each other as they play these games. This online platform makes the games to be more popular among the young generation.

In conclusion, this industry is expected to be worth nearly 1.5 billion dollars by the year 2020 (Wingfield). The pro e gamer's players earn about 20 million dollars when they win the competition they take part in. though there is a lot of positive effects in the industry pertaining to E-sports people should consider the negative psychological impact that it has on the minds and brains of developing children. Most children who participate in e gaming have a psychological problem that is brought about by gaming.

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