Diversity, Cultural Competence and Human Rights

Published: 2022-09-01
Diversity, Cultural Competence and Human Rights
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Question 1One of the information in the youtube video that I was not responsive regarding the Hispanic population is that the largest proportion is located in New Mexico since this is where most of their cultural practices are found (Rhinehart, 2013). I used to believe that most of the population is located in California and Texas. However, most of these individuals are spread within the state of New Mexico, and Los Angeles County hosts most of the Hispanic individuals (Rhinehart, 2013). I also learned from the video that most of these individuals are business minded. Most of them are self-employed, and their businesses have been successful for an extended period. Education had been a significant challenge for this population based on the information from the video (Rhinehart, 2013).

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Question 2

The culture of this population has been maintained for an extended period, and it has been passed through many generations (Rhinehart, 2013). My Hispanic clients gave me the information that their culture is adopted from various backgrounds such as economic and social backgrounds. Individuals from this population tend to be depending on one another especially relatives and family members. People in the Hispanic population tend to be more united due to their cultural heritage. The social context of this population has been influenced by the Spanish language. Since 1980, most of the individuals in this population have been exposed to this language. It has also been one of the factors that represent their identity in the United States of America.

Question 3

From the information that I've learned from this video, my understanding is that education is one of the significant challenges in this population. Since most of my Hispanic clients speak Spanish, I will be able to offer them the culturally competent care of learning the language of English. Having an understanding of this language will help these clients develop the basic skills of socializing with people from other parts of the United States of America (Bean, 1988). Since their primary source of income is business, learning the language of English will enable these clients to expand their businesses and be in a position to move them in better markets (Bean, 1988). The other form of culturally competent service that I will provide to my clients is health care. With an understanding of the English language, these clients will be in a position to understand the basic requirements of performing first aid, a skill that will be essential in their environments. They will be able to pass this skill to other members of their population, and their overall health will be improved significantly.

Question 4

Through the application of leadership, I will ensure that different programs are initiated in this population to fight for economic and social justice as well as human rights for the Hispanic families and children. These programs will be aimed at offering various services such as education, health, and capital to boost business firms in this population. Therefore, I will apply leadership to ensure that the county government provides the required funds to promote the education system and health facilities among the Hispanic community. The rights of this individuals should be protected at all cost since it's a minority group in the United States of America. Professional training will also be offered to these individuals to ensure that they are in a position to improve their living standards through activities such as the improved operation of their businesses. I will also ensure that the Hispanic population is provided with skills that can enable them to venture in other forms of earning income such as getting employment in various companies.


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Bean, F. D. (1988). Hispanic population of the United States. Russell Sage Foundation.

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