Essay Example with a Plan of Professional Development

Published: 2018-04-10
Essay Example with a Plan of Professional Development
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Accepting Accountability and Responsibility

• Gallup (2012), discloses that nurses are seriously trusted by most patients. Consequently, they have to embrace accountability and responsibility

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• It is essential for nursing professionals to be accountable and responsible for the decisions they make

• During the Nursing Management Strategies course, I realized that the decisions I make as a nurse have to be strategic. This will assist me to achieve the objectives of the organization I work for.

• The leadership course introduced me to the fact that a nurse is a leader who has to act ethically and according to the standards of practice

• During the strategic planning course, we worked in groups to develop strategic plans that can be implemented in my future workplace.

Integrating Professional Values and Roles Behaviors

• Nurses are responsible for caring for patients during birth, death and healing (Merk, 2010).

• During the course, I was introduced to the values and behaviors that a nurse should maintain at all times

• Some of the significant values as stipulated by the Nursing Code of conduct include:

• Caring for patients without discrimination

• Upholding privacy regulations – During my previous work experience, I ensured that I keep the privacy laws to prevent the violation of a patients’ rights

• Maintaining a professional patient- nurse relationship

• During the BSN 402 we learned about leadership theories that can be used by nurses.

• I came to the realization that I can be a good leader if I apply the theories. in their right context with the objective of improving patient outcomes

Problems of Contemporary Health and Illness

• The unit Nursing Research was beneficial in the understanding of the most common health challenges and how to promote healthy living

• Our class activities involved conducting a community research on the prevalent health issues in the nation

• We identified obesity as a major problem and wrote a research paper on the subject

• Other prevailing health complications identified in the segment of health promotion, education of families and groups include heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

• At the state level, the most prevalent health challenge was diabetes. In my future practice, I intend to work with diabetic patients. I noted that it is an area that requires more focus and community awareness.

Awareness of Policies that Affect Individuals and Community Health

• According to Flesner (2016), nurses have an opportunity to provide their expertise in influencing policy decisions at all levels of government

• I did a survey about how policy awareness may impact on individual and community health

• I discovered that as a nurse, policy awareness is critical

• During the course, I also conducted a study to examine the various polices that affect individual and community health.

• I took note of the Health Insurance policy as an influential policy area.

The Impact of the Learning on my future practice

• I intend to implement more Evidence-Based Practice in work

• I will take up an active leadership role

• I have learned that research is significant, consequently, I intend to conduct more research on the health issues that I encounter on a day-to-day basis

• Ethics is essential in nursing. I will ensure that I maintain ethical behaviour at all times

• I also learned that strategic planning can be integrated into the nursing field. I intend to draw more strategic plans so as to meet the objectives of the organization and quality health outcomes for my patients


• The presentation underscores that undertaking the BSN will advance my career

• I was able to attain most of the outlined professional learning outcomes of the course

• As a Registered Nurse, a professional development plan is significant in directing my career pathway

• I believe that the knowledge and skills acquired will be prolific to my future work environment


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