Essay Sample on Discrimination and Change in Cultural Practices in Texas

Published: 2023-10-09
Essay Sample on Discrimination and Change in Cultural Practices in Texas
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In reference to an article quoted from the above topic, the recent El Paso Shooting is a significant remnant of Mexican-American racism discrimination of the present-day Texas state due to its deep-rooted history of white supremacy mentality. A professor at the University of Texas-El Paso the Director of the Liberal Arts Honors Program and the Director of the Institute of Oral History (Yohada Leyva), describes the shooting by a 21-year-old white racist against the stalled American Mexican racism in Texas State predictable for a period of Two hundred years ahead. It is rooted back over one hundred years ago when Texas wardens in support of native vigilantes killed 15 Texans of Mexican decency. The history of El Paso in Texas can be retrieved from when Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821 (Gonzalez, 2017). Again, the El Paso massacre took place while the Texas-Mexican massacre was still under investigation posing significant challenges to security departments. For example, Tomas J. Canales launched an investigation concerning thousands of Mexicans in Texas who had been murdered by self-proclaimed militia and Texas Rangers who wanted to assume law administration. He received several life threats posing a major challenge in his quest to seek justice for historical events that undermined others based on racism.

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Changes towards White Supremacy Anthropological Opinions

Individuals who were involved in these acts were quoted as having premeditated racist mediocracy, drawing evidence from the narratives he had written before executing the initial plan that was racist-oriented. The shootings portrayed historical motives driven by racism acts organized by certain individuals and were not Texas natives, and the theory extends throughout the foundation of Texas state. Nonetheless, the American community and the government have boosted the positivity of change and effective behaviors eliminating all acts associated with racism in Texas and across the entire state enjoying ultimate liberty and freedom (Gonzalez, 2017). Thus, the legacy of historical foundations against racism moving contrary to unique adopted antiracist policies with struggles to overcome challenges or grips. White supremacy poses a complicated genetic obsession of superiority as well as intelligence practised by self-proclaimed "supreme beings". Massive campaigns against such individuals and acts can complete curb the idea of white supremacy and putting appropriate legislative interventions and policies against all acts and ideas promoting racism.

Although the El Paso shooting suspect was confirmed to having mental disabilities that led psychotic state after the shooting, that could not be used as enough driving force, the suspect had earlier been linked to the fringe website that had posted anti-immigrant screed before the killing spree. Therefore, form the whole narrative, it was evident that the killings were premeditated and termed as white nationalists terrorism. Politicians have argued that a political solution can aid in the fight against these historical vices but exude fear that the violence is fueled and propagated by the American administration. Political biasness also directly links to these acts of extremism and other aspects of racial-associated violence. Acknowledging that violence against certain races is a reality and effective modelling measures against such acts will offer a lasting solution and preserve the united states national values. It is everyone's responsibility to support the fight against racial discrimination or other forms of violence against certain individuals.


Gonzalez, J. (2017). Desde Me? xico A Ame? rica: Understanding Anti-Blackness In Mexican-American Communities In Texas.

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