Did All the Sacrifices Changez Underwent Benefit Him or Worsened His Situation in America? Free Essay

Published: 2023-03-21
Did All the Sacrifices Changez Underwent Benefit Him or Worsened His Situation in America? Free Essay
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Did all the sacrifices Changez underwent benefited him or worsened his situation in America? Changez, a young Pakistani man who spends some parts of his life in America, finds it difficult to survive in a foreign land. He experiences a lot in the foreign country, but Changez does not give up, all that he encounters in the area keeps him sharp and motivates him to work hard. Despite all the suffering that Changez is undergoing he is still focused and even works harder to send money to the family back home. Despite all the pain in the country, Changez went to school in America and now works as a financial analyst in the country one of the best posts a foreigner can hold in America a country full of racism (Hartnell, 2010). All the suffering made Changez strong and motivated him to work harder to change the situation he was in America.

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Changez, a young Pakistan man in the foreign land and alumnus of Princeton University, finds it difficult to find his happiness, but instead, he struggles for it." What did you think of Princeton? Right the answer to this question requires a story." At the start of the story, Changez starts the conversation from a low point just by asking where he went to school and where he is from, He thinks through the storytelling he will be able to answer the question elaborately even though it was that the issues to be solved. Changez came alone to the foreign land, but he is working harder to achieve the best out of it, getting the most prestigious jobs in the country was not in his dream, but he ends up getting most of the best jobs in the country.

Changez later learns that even though he droughts his success in the country, but still he can achieve it, his social position in America has changes regardless of what he is undergoing. Changez homeland country has always been the enemy to America, and Changez feels guilty of that and does not want to stay longer in the country and sees himself as a servant to America which is not the case. Still, he ends up succeeding in the foreign land.

Changez finds himself alone in the foreign land, he is from Pakistan and finds it difficult to find friends to socialize with because of the mentality that the people from his homeland country are not treated well. "Reflecting now, I see the power of the system, the pragmatic and effective just like everywhere else in America." Changez reflects on the American culture and recalls back when he was still staying at Princeton, but he does not reveal the crucial action he would have taken towards the lifestyle (Morey, 2011). Changez has to work hard to prove that he just like other Americans with the same rights and opportunities to prosper and make his dreams come true with his efforts alone without depending on somebody else to help him. Changez works hard and gets the most prestigious jobs in the country, and his boss is happy with his work. However, still, he is not satisfied because America is not his home and happy about the attack that happens in the country. Later he moves out of America and becomes the leader of the anti-American movement, a place that fits him very well and happy while working in the position.

Changez, who is the main character in the novel, goes for an avocation in Greece with friends and meets Erica. They fall in love, but something is happening, Erica is still in respect to her childhood boyfriend who died out of lung cancer, and she cannot actually forget about him, and anytime they want to have sex with Changez she finds it much difficult. "Often, for example, I would rise at dawns without having slept an instant. During the past hours, Erica and I would have lived an entire day together." Even though Changez returns home Lahore but he cannot do away with the memories of Erica. She is dead, but memories are clear on Changez head. The memories that Erica is having on Chris does not make their new relationship with Changez work. Forcing her to seek treatment in a mental institution nearby where she ends up escaping, and it is not clear whether Erica is in love with Changez because her feelings are unclear. Regardless of Changez's caring nature, he learns that there is nothing he can do about the mental status of Erica, and every time tries to help her, and he is getting hurt (Singh, 2012). Changez receives the news about the U.S.A invasion about Afghanistan which disturbs him so much, while he is in the US nothing he can do but to send money back home to his family members.

The vice president of Underwood Samson tells the new employees that they are a meritocracy and that they believe in the best because they were picked because of the best performance from their schools. "Does it trouble you to make your living by disrupting the lives of others" According to Changez skin colour does not matter and their performance should judge a person. Still, Changez discovers that equal opportunity is brought about by the cultural mindset that lacks empathy and is immoral, and the resistance against stereotypes and racial not taken seriously.


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