Essay Sample on Description of the Computer Crimes

Published: 2023-05-03
Essay Sample on Description of the Computer Crimes
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Computer crimes are crimes related to computer use, where computer users where the attacks are targeted, other computer users. There are different categories of computer crimes, depending on how the crimes are conducted and the kind of effects it causes to the victims. The technology used in conducting the crime also influences the type of crime and the effect of computer crime to the victim. Computer crimes are increasingly becoming popular as more people and organizations increase computer applications in their daily activities (Yar & Steinmetz, 2019). Computer crime categories include cyber terrorism, copyright violation, cyberbullying, child pornography, and fraud, and malware attacks. Many people are vulnerable to computer crimes because they are not aware of the risks they are exposed to and mitigation measures they are supposed to embrace to prevent attacks.

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Computer crimes are challenging to deal with because many countries lack laws that can be applied in dealing with cybercrimes. The cybercriminals end up getting away with their crimes without getting punished (Yar & Steinmetz, 2019). Laws are an important factor in reducing cybercrime by prosecuting cybercriminals. Cyber-crimes need to be comprehensive to cover all types of crimes. Lack of proper laws has made cyber-crimes to be rampant because the crimes go on without people being responsible for their crimes.

Cyberbullying is among the computer crimes that have been increasing over the years, where people get harassed and bullied using electronic means such as social networking sites that people use to interact and share ideas (Yar & Steinmetz, 2019). More people are embracing technology, and social networking sites increase the risk of being bullied by other people using social networking sites. The bully is in the form of threats, sexual remarks, and rumors that are intended to hurt the victim. The bullying relies on the victims' personal information to develop narratives that hurt the victims. Victims of cyberbullying experience affect the victims psychologically affecting the emotional wellbeing of the victim.

Another type of computer crime includes hacking, which is defined as unauthorized access to another person's computer without their knowledge and accessing and using the information stored on computers. Hacker's main goals include manipulating the information with the intention of gaining from the manipulation and access of the information. Hackers rely on the vulnerabilities on the networks that people and organizations use to share information. The internet is the largest network in the world used by people to share and connect with people from around the world. There are white hat workers who hack networks of organizations to identify weak points and fix them to secure the organizations from hacking.

Cyberstalking and identity theft is another computer crime affecting many people, and the crime targets individual people using various modes of technology that can access various networks, including the internet (Fehr, LiCalzi, & Oates, 2016). Cyberstalking entails criminals following some on their messages, emails, and other web forums with the intention of using the information to blackmail the person. On the other hand, identity theft entails using someone else identity without their knowledge to mislead and exploit other people's identity theft mainly occurs on social networking sites and pretend to be the real person. Identity theft can be used to exploit people using someone's identity.

Another type of computer crime includes malware attacks where malware programs such as viruses and spyware are created and used to attack organizations and companies (Hill & Marion, 2016). The malicious programs are sent to potential targets in the form of emails and the program installed in the recipient computers giving the attackers the platform and opportunity to access information from the computers using the malware programs. Malware programs are also able to lock the computers requiring the owners of the computers to pay a ransom in order to be allowed to access their computers again. Malware attacks are the most common computer crimes affecting people.

Intellectual property theft is a major computer crime affecting many people around the world where intellectual property is stolen and exploited for financial gains. There are different types of intellectual property, which includes trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets (Hill & Marion, 2016). The intellectual property is meant to protect the people that come up with ideas and innovations from being exploited by protecting them from idea theft. Computers have facilitated the sharing of information, giving an opportunity to people to use others' ideas and exploit the ideas without the knowledge of the owners of the ideas. Intellectual properties are meant to protect the owners from exploitation from other people. There are initiatives implemented to protect ideas and innovations of people from exploitations when the ideas are shared over the internet.

Computer crimes happen to millions of victims on a daily basis to people around the world (Hill & Marion, 2016). People need to be educated on how they can use computers safely without exposing themselves to the risk of getting attacked and losing their information to hackers. The more people are embracing technology, the more the risks rise in the world because many people are vulnerable to attacks.

Technology Involved in Computer Crimes

Computer criminals, as well as the experts who combat these crimes, use technology. In the 1970s, cybercriminals used technology to hack the telephone network with a cereal box whistle. Hackers used it to make free calls as it allowed the caller to enter an operation mode. This is what motivated Draper to build blue boxes that have a lasting impact. Draper was determined to make an impact in the technical field hence the reason why he continued with his programming even after being imprisoned.

One of the technologies used by cybercriminals is broadband connectivity. Americans largely use the internet, and the number of users is expected to increase. One of the reasons why broadband has gained popularity is because of its high speed, low cost as well as the ''always on" feature. This means that the network supports the 24/7 connectivity of the computers, which is a feature that makes it vulnerable to hacking. This is because the hackers have adequate time to gain access to your computer, steal the data, or even crash the computer, making you lose your valuable data (Shinder, 2018). The speed of the internet also allows hackers to carry out a malicious attack within a short duration of time.

The other technology used by cybercriminals is the Wi-Fi networking. People prefer Wi-Fi internet to Ethernet cable internet. This is risky, especially when one is using public Wi-Fi provided in facilities such as hotels, shops, and restaurants. Access without connecting a cable makes the network easily accessible to hackers. They use the sniffing method, whereby they hijack any data that is transmitted between a device and a router. Hackers also use other methods such as encryption cracking, spoofing, as well as wardriving (Shinder, 2018). This problem can, however, be avoided by connecting your router to a VPN, thereby making your device invisible online.

The web is another technology due to its popularity since every person who connects to the internet uses a web browser. Hackers use programs such as Javascript to run their malicious programs on your devices (Shinder, 2018). All browsers are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, but a simple practice of disabling programs such as Javascript makes it difficult for hackers to access your browser. Also, it is necessary to install browser updates as it boosts security.

Hackers use peer-to-peer programs that are commonly used in sharing large files. P2P is commonly used in sharing music as well as movies despite it being a violation of the laws regarding copyrights. Cybercriminals love the software as they can use it to send a mislabeled file, thus make the users download malware, which enables them to have access and control of your computer. You may think that you are downloading a recent movie only to download malware (Shinder, 2018). The only way that you can prevent a malware attack of this nature is by avoiding using the P2P applications.

In this Century, online and E-commerce has become common practice all because of increased internet accessibility. Today, you do not have to go to a short of purchasing something, but what you need to do is order through online platforms, and it will be delivered to your doorstep (Shinder, 2018). Also, banking as become easy through mobile banking, which enables people to transfer money as well as pay bills. This is a technology that is highly beneficial to both the customers as well as hackers. The hackers create e-commerce sites and lure people into giving their credit card information as well as other vital information. They also infringe on a network and steal information that they will use to get users' money. This, however, can be prevented by ensuring that the sites that you use for e-commerce are well-known encrypted web browsers. Also, it is advisable to refrain from saving your credit card information on the browsers but rather type it each time you log in.

Future Trends in Computer Crimes

Technological innovation is rapidly increasing, and cybercriminals are not left behind in the improvement of their skills. One of the possible future trends in computer crimes is cyber jacking, whereby hackers will use technology to hijack planes (Glassberg, 2014). Instead of criminals hijacking planes physically, they will consider doing it using their computers, which is a smarter way. Also, there is a chance of the spread of malware to humans, especially through implants.

Soon, cyber assault and extortion are likely to increase since people increasingly depend on automated home systems as well as e-commerce and mobile banking. If a hacker accesses your financial information, he will be asking for a huge amount of money. Also, in a world where cars are becoming automated cars, exploiting is likely to occur. Hackers will spread viruses on computerized cars through systems such as Android and BlackBerry. Mini-power outages are highly likely to increase since customers now prefer smart meters as they can disconnect users remotely as well as update the software (Glassberg, 2014). This is an advantage for the customers, but it increases the vulnerability to hacking.

Companies and Forensics Involved in Detecting and Solving Computer Crimes

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) leads in investigating cyber-attacks by external enemies, terrorists as well as the criminals. Cyber intrusions are rapidly increasing and becoming dangerous as well as complex. One of the key priorities that the FBI takes in cyber-crimes is a computer and network intrusions (Federal Bureau Investigation, 2020). Companies, as well as the government, lose billions of dollars every year repairing systems that have been hacked and destroyed. Some hackers attack systems used in vital facilities such as hospitals and banks disabling their performance.

Recently, the FBI has created a division that addresses cybercrimes in a coordinated approach. The organization also has well-trained staff who investigates intrusion in the systems, theft of information, online fraud, child pornography as well as digital exploitation. Also, there is a team that travels worldwide and gathers information regarding crimes that pose a serious threat to the security of the nation as well as the economy.

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