Free Essay on Academic Writing: Academic and Non-Academic Tone

Published: 2019-05-07
Free Essay on Academic Writing: Academic and Non-Academic Tone
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In writing, academic writing is a type of writing which requires a professional and formal tone. It can be illustrated with an example as shown below:

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“One hopes that obtaining a college degree will lead to gainful and rewarding an employment”

The sentence is regarded to be an academic tone since it avoids the use of pronouns like "you,'' your’ and others which make it appear as if the information was directed to a single individual. It also eliminates the use of slangs such as ‘isn't’, you ‘don't’ and eradicates the run on sentences. These qualities make the statement very formal and give it a generalization as oppose to directing it to an individual or a group of people.

In the case of a non-academic tone, the writing is considered informal and unprofessionally presented. It can be described by the following example:

“If you can memorize the sentence, "Hopefully, you get great stuff," you'll have covered all five contraband of academic tone."

In this context, the sentence is deliberated to be a non-academic since it incorporates the use of personal pronouns such as ‘you,' which makes the statement to appear as if it is directed to a particular person. Besides, it integrates the use of slangs which encompass of ‘you'll' hence makes it not be convenient in the use of research or academic paper. These types of tones are mainly allowed in the emails. Also, it has a run on a sentence such as "Hopefully, you get a great stuff" which adds on what the writer exactly wanted to talk. These features thus make the statement to be classified under informal writings.

In general, examples can be used to explain the differences between the two academic tones further. The example of academic tone includes "Going to the disco references the mind and soothes the soul" On the other hand, non-academic tone can comprise of," If you dare to go to the Disco (the club at the city center), then you will never be a responsible identity.”

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