Essay Example on Islam and Muslims in the West

Published: 2022-12-21
Essay Example on Islam and Muslims in the West
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Islam has a vast history as far as western culture is concerned. In most occasions, the Arabs-Islamic and western Christian civilization are discussed on the same platform. This is because they have almost a similar history as well as cultural settings. The issues of Islam and Muslims in the west are similar to those addressed by Richard Bulliet who was a researcher. However, his focus was on the Islamo-Christian civilization. Nevertheless, he identified some of the facts between the two as being spiritual, doctrinal, philosophical or even historical. At the same time, there exist multiple theses that appear to be criticized by Richard.

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History of Islam and Christian civilization

The issue of civilization seems to be an area of concern to the philosophers, and every one of them has their view on Islam and Christian civilization and history. In as much as there is an argument on the same, it is evident that at some point in history, all western nations were under the Muslim political rue. This is to mean that there exist some inter-relationships between Christian and Islam civilization. The civilizations adapted in western cultures and their interactions were influenced by military adversarial as well as the political situation. Muslim identities are essential when discussing the history and future of Islam. Different scholars have identified several figures in the history of Islam. Down in the ninth century, there were conflicts on whatever it means to be a Muslim and its doctrinal backing. However, in the 7th century, Islam began to gain some footing as there was the rise of the first Muslim empire. By the end of the 7th century, the Ottoman Empire had collapsed, but then numerous comparisons could be drawn between Arab-Islamic and Christian civilizations. In both, factors of political conflict and military are evident. At the same time, there was the creation of images and imaginations on the nature of other religions and the branding of real religions. Christianity particularly piled pressure on Islam on cultural, political and social affairs. Each religion established the distinctive character that would separate it from the other. The conflict and differences that exist between the two thus date back in the 666CE.

Rise of dynasties and its impact on religion

Around 770 CE, the Umayyad which was the familiar Islam Empire collapsed. This led to the rise of a second empire called the Abbasid dynasty. Between the 9th and 11th centuries, the Muslim religion became more vibrant. There were increased assertiveness and more religious consciousness. All these were driven by the dynasties urge to prove the superiority of Islam over Christianity. At this time, there was believed to be a peaceful interaction between the two. However, in the background, there existed some wars and tensions. Individuals developed some words that each religion would identify with. The existence of such words based on religions prove the division that existed at the time. The commentators of the Quran termed Christians as non-believers. There was a belief that Islam is the right religion.

Before the 11th century, the Christian Muslim civilizations were limited to the Byzantine east. Later on, the concept turned out to be a defensive war and thus the development of the Latin Christian West. Before this time, the Muslims had less interest in this specific part of Europe. Up from the 11th century, Christians were seen by the Islamic community as a threat to the civilized Islamic society (Duderija and Rane, 2019). The Christians too stereotypically viewed the Muslims. At this time, religions were characterized by differences and misunderstandings. These were the main features of the faith of the day. The two religions were seen as mutually exclusive in almost all parameters. However, it reached a time in the 15th century when the European nation's military and political powers arose. During this time, negative stereotypic images on Islam were familiar. The modernization era came, and every religion had its civilization. However, there existed some liberals who led to the creation of the secular world.

Muslim and Christianity different elements

Muslim and Christian civilizations had strong elements of power. Unfortunately, during the colonial period, it was the Muslim lands that were taken by the military. It is therefore believed that colonized Muslims conceived the west. However, some scholars argue that were it not for the colonization, Muslims could be left behind in matters of education and women empowerment. While the Muslim society concentrated on religion, the Christian missionaries gained control of more territories. It reached a point where Islamists turned out to be extremists. However, the influx of unskilled immigrants after colonization has helped square things. There have been more significant interaction between Muslims and Christians and thus better civilization. Unlike the traditional forms, modern-day Islamist advocates for the adoption of modernist ideologies in religion. In the past, religion was treated as the base of identification, but it is no longer the case. Traditionally, western Christian and Muslim societies were based on the history of civilization. However, in present-day society, it has taken a more personal approach.

The Islamic religion in the west has a vast history. The technicalities that emerged during Islamic movement have not been captured to the letter. However, it is easy to note that the Arabs are the individuals who introduced it. Two types of civilization characterized Europe. In both cases, there was stereotyping. The situation was worse to Muslims. Unfortunately, the stereotype has been transferred even to modern day societies. However, it is good to acknowledge the fact that immigrants in Europe helped to calm down the tense periods by providing a blend of the two prominent types of civilization.


Duderija, A., & Rane, H. (2019). Islam and Muslims in the West. Palgrave Macmillan.

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