Demand Letter, Law Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-11
Demand Letter, Law Essay Sample
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1. Steps of opening a file

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The first step involves obtaining a new accordion folder. The next step involves typing the clients name on the folder. The next step will include adding a manila folder on the accordion file and inserting the retainer cheque and any notes from the lawyer. The client's contact and any corresponding material should also be put on the folder.

2. Amount due

Principle 35,400-7,500 = 27,900

Interest 27,900*8/100 = 2,232

Balance as of October 30th, 27,900+2,232 = 30,132

Balance as of November 30th 30,132*108/100 = 32,543

Balance as of December 30th, 32,543*108/100 = 35,145

Balance as of October 30th 35,145*108/100 = 37,958

3. Demand letter

Dave's Hardware

Max Power law firm

32 Cannery laneI space, uy, L7NK 3U4


February 1 2018

Theodore Andrews,

73 Elmwood Drive

Calgary, Alberta

Spring water, 4567

Attention: Theodore Henry

Dear Sir;

Ref: Dave's Hardware.

We are the lawyers of Dave hardware and we have been instructed by our client to collect from you the amount due to him. The amount due is $37,958 inclusive of interest as of 30th January 2018.

In order to avoid further legal action, send a cheque of $37,958 payable to Dave's Hardware by 3rd March 2018. If we would not have received the cheque by then, we will commence legal action against you without further notice.

Kindly note that in addition to your current debt, you will be liable to pay for the legal costs and any extra accrued interest.


Max Power

4. Legal opinion


Dave's Hardware

Spring water

0098 Groove drive

Dear Dave

Ref: Legal opinion

As per your instruction, we have drafted and sent a demand letter to Henry Theodor. However, there are a few items that I would like to bring to your attention. Upon close scrutiny, we realized that Theodore has a new car and a new home. However, these properties have been used as collateral. We also came upon a few assets that have not been used as collateral worth $50,000. Our legal opinion is that we will tier the unsecured asset belong to Mr. Henry to repay your debt. In future, I would recommend you get collateral before issuing large amounts of debt.

5. Letter of claim

Relief claim

The dependant should pay the plaintiff the total amount claimed below

Amount claimed + Interest$37,958

Legal fees$5,000


Pleadings and particulars

On September 13th, 2018 Dave Hardware sold goods worth 22,500

On 17th September 2018, they sold good to Theodore worth $4,500 and $8,400 on 22nd September 2018

On October 29, 2018, Theodore paid $7500

Mr. Theodore agreed to pay an interest of 8% after the end of each month if the debt is not paid.

He also promised to pay by 30th December 2017, or when the house is sold whichever came earlier.

However, on November 5th, 2017, the house was sold but Mr. Theodore did not pay his debt.

The plaintiff demands full payment of his debt, legal fees, and the accrued interest.

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