Free Essay on Developing an Infant-Toddler Curriculum

Published: 2022-06-15
Free Essay on Developing an Infant-Toddler Curriculum
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How do you plan a responsive approach to curriculum development and implementation?

Planning a responsive approach most appropriate for curriculum development and implementation for infant and toddler learners is determined to be safe and healthy. However, this orthodoxy idea fails to give the most effective and desired results when exposing young children to the learning environment (Mayoral, 2013). Hence, the most responsive approach focuses on planning strategies that are child-centered helping to keep the toddlers and infants lively and internally motivated to engage in learning. The children need to spontaneously explore their environment and things that interest them. Teachers should not dominate the learning but, instead should make steady and detailed records of each child's interests and skills to guide the learning process. Learning of infants and toddlers needs plans that help them learn without adult interference or dictation.

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What is involved in selecting or developing a curriculum for infants and toddlers?

Infants and toddlers are an active team player in selecting and developing curriculum content appropriate for their learning process. Therefore, the selected curriculum requires being dynamic enough in a sequential way that caters to infants and toddlers growing and changing needs throughout their development (California Department of Education, 2012). Involving toddlers and caregivers in selecting appropriate instructional tasks will ensure responsive curriculum development and implementation. All selected processes and supportive instructional resources require consideration of all the developmental stages of child growth.

What specific factors to consider when developing an infant-toddler curriculum?

Development of toddler and infant curriculum requires consideration of the following factors as stipulated by National Association for the Education of Young Children, (2015).

  • Holistic learning for the emotional, intellectual, social, language and physical acquisition.
  • The relationship between psychomotor, cognitive, psychosocial, and psychological developmental stages of growth in infants and toddlers.
  • Dynamic learning process
  • Children's background information, culture or ethnicity, parenting styles, and sociological exposure.
  • Language acquisition skills
  • Learning environment


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