Free Essay Example on the Victims' Guardians

Published: 2019-05-15
Free Essay Example on the Victims' Guardians
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Where the victims' guardians or custodians are in a domestic partnership, abduction normally follows after a dispute between partners. One partner may abduct the child in fear of losing a custody dispute with their partner, out of anger or to rescue the child from an abusive situation. The behavior can be regarded as problematic or abnormal where the abductor has an abusive, violent, or mentally unstable history. The abduction is always as a result of disagreement with the partner. Abduction by a parental figure is usually a desperate measure because the abductor chooses not to legally prove their capabilities of having legal custody of the child, but instead abducts their relation which is illegal. In most cases, this kind of abduction rarely features violence. Moreover, in majority cases, the victims are usually located and returned to their homes safely in most instances.

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The motives for a family abduction vary. One is paranoia; a parent may have fears that are baseless and decides to keep their child away from the other legal custodian in the hope of rescuing them from harm. This kind of mental instability may make the abductor view any conflict with their partner as a revelation of the partners incompetence as a custodian. Another motive for family abductions is abuse. Where there is an abusive relationship, the non-abusive partner may decide on abduction as a course of action to prevent the abuse and protect the child. On the other hand, an abusive partner can also abduct the child as a form of revenge against the other custodian. Social or peer influences can also motivate abduction. The family or friends of an abductor may encourage the guardian or parent to take custody of the child without following the legal procedures. The family or friends may provide justifications to their opinions and may or may not lend assistance during the act itself.

Involve the illegal taking into custody of a person by an offender who is not a family member. They may coerce by incentives or use force, or threaten to inflict bodily harm. They may also detain the victim for a period more than an hour without legal authority from the custodian or court.

Non family abductions can be categorized into two groups depending on the victims knowledge of the perpetrator. They can be acquaintance abductions or stranger abductions. Stranger abductions are carried out by perpetrator(s) whom the victim is not familiar with. Females are more likely to fall victim to stranger abduction than males. The common reason is for sexual assault. It mainly occurs at outdoor locations. The abductor may use force or persuasion with an ulterior motive. Boys are more likely to be abducted for robbery though not in all cases. The probability of a firearm or weapon being used is highest in stranger kidnapping. This is because coercion or persuasion without force usually does not entice the victim quick enough or if at all they fall for candy in my van tricks. This is because most people are wary or disinclined to strangers advances. Consequently, strangers use force in the form of firearms or knives and other weaponry to force the victim to follow their instructions.

Acquaintance kidnapping involves a perpetrator who is mostly familiar to the victim such as neighbor or babysitter. Statistics shows it has the highest rates of violence and injured victims. A lot of it occurs indoors. It is more often associated with physical and sexual assault. A lot of juvenile perpetrators are involved in this. This is attributed to their inability to make wise decisions at their age.

Abduction involves taking away a victim from their legal guardian or custodian without due legal order. The victims of abductions are mostly children who are yet to reach their teens. Children, including teens are the most susceptible to abduction. a family member, an acquaintance, or a stranger may carry out an abduction. Family abductions result from disputes between partners, mistrust, or paranoia. Family abductions however, have a reduced casualty rate and most of the time victims are restored to their custodians. Non family abductions have a high rate of casualties. The statistics show a rising prevalence of abduction. Abduction is a growing threat to the wellbeing of children and adults alike.

In order to combat abduction, it is important to take precautions, depending on the situation. Where there is wrangling over custody, it is crucial have custody documents in order ready to be produced on demand. This will enable the rightful custodian to prove their legal role. In addition, children should be taught not to fall for common tricks such as candy, looking for a lost pet or other gimmicks abductors use. It is also important to teach children the safe places they can go to and places to avoid that have high risk factor of abduction. Older children should refrain from hitchhiking. When shopping with kids, they should be directed to find the nearest security guard if they are separated from an adult. Furthermore, it is important to do background checks of employees such as babysitters and other workers who work in proximity to the home or with the children.

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