Essay Example on the Dissemination of Evidence Based Practice

Published: 2022-07-19
Essay Example on the Dissemination of Evidence Based Practice
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Today, one of the major initiatives in healthcare is research sharing. It has become an important part of professional practice in health care. Often, most see public speaking is a daunting aspect, but it is one of the central initiatives to the dissemination of the research findings. In particular, publications in journals and presentations at professional conferences are a great opportunity for sharing research findings, insights and networking with other professional peers. The paper, therefore, aims to identify one professional journal and one healthcare conference for the presentation of my project that involves compassion fatigue among nurses working in mental and behavioral health facilities.

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Drug and substance abuse issues, mental health diseases such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, borderline personality disorder are the greatest shared cause of hospitalizations of patients in a mental and behavioral health facility. Monotonous care, treatment, amputation and management of such populations usually expose nurses to compassion fatigue and feeling of burnout. To present my findings, I consider "The Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research" as my professional journal and "30th International Conference on Mental and Behavioral Health" as my nursing conference.

The "Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research" (1998) is the best option for disseminating my new knowledge since it provides a great way for learning about how mental and behavioral care is improving in various facilities across the world. The journal being the official publication of the National Council for Behavioral Health, it provides a great way of examining the organization, delivery, and outcomes of behavioral health services including substance abuse and mental disorders (Cleary, Sayers & Kornhaber, 2016). Such a journal is a great platform for me since it will provide me with a chance to discuss the major issue of compassion fatigue that nurses undergo while dealing with such a population. The journal is also the best option for disseminating my new knowledge since it will offer an opportunity for others to contribute to my findings through providing solutions that will solve the underlying problem of compassion fatigue among nurses in such a facility. Consequently, this will provide a practical and empirical contribution to the broader field of behavioral and mental health.

The "30th International Conference on Mental and Behavioral Health" running with the theme "Reintegrating the Psychotherapy on Conceptual and Perceptual Health" (Mental Health Congress, 2018) is the best option for disseminating my new knowledge. This is because it offers an opportunity of discussing the latest developments within the field. The conference is an opportunity for researchers to meet, network and perceives new innovations in the field. It can encourage active participation of all nurses towards a common goal of fighting compassion fatigue and work towards health improvement of patients. Through this conference, nurses are able to explain their issues in details and receive feedbacks that may be helpful in solving the major issue that they undergo compassion fatigue. Edwards (2015) believes that knowledge is enhanced when transferred from authors to respondents. Therefore, in such a conference, the issues are visually brought out and transferred to all audience including associates of mental and behavioral health where they are able to discuss deeply on the issue. Such a conference will not only offer me an opportunity to disseminate my findings but also offer an opportunity for others with such issues find solutions to their underlying problem.


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