Free Essay Example on Sex, Sexual Violence, and Pornography

Published: 2019-05-15
Free Essay Example on Sex, Sexual Violence, and Pornography
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Definition of Terms

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Child Sexual Abuse: it is the use of trickery, force, bribery or blackmail in order to have sexual contact with a child. Sexual contact with a child is illegal and highly prohibited by the law.

Bullying: a variety of behaviors where all involves an individual or a group of people trying to harm or take advantage of someone who is vulnerable or weaker

Pornography: Explicit sexually graphic materials that associates sex with humiliation, mistreatment, violence or abuse.

Rape: it is forced or unwanted sexual penetration.

Sexual Assault: it is forced or unwanted sexual penetration or touch. The penetration can be accomplished either by a body part or object.

Sexual Harassment: it is unwanted verbal sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other visual, verbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature.


For a number of decades, communities, societies, and interested individuals have been actively concerned with the depiction of sex, sexual violence, and pornography. Viewing, broadcasting, and the sale of pornographic materials have has been banned and booed in many societies. That is, the act of perpetrating pornography within society is considered immoral and that is against society standards. In recent past, there has been a growing concern about the growing problem with men who watch pornography. Researchers have associated sexual violence towards women by men to pornographic activities(Dines, 2010). In this case, it has been established that, those men who watched pornography more frequently, contributed significantly to sexual violence against women(Scully, 2013). In this research, the paper will seek to establish on the hypothesis: Is there a difference between males who watch pornography and sexual violence against women?

Sexual violence has a wide scope of meaning. It includes all the activities that are perpetrated through, sexual harassment, sexual assault, bullying, and sexual child abuse. It includes activities such as rape, coerced or forced sexual penetration. It may also refer to unwanted verbal sexual requests, advances for sexual favors, verbal, visual, or physical conduct of sexual nature. In other words, sexual violence is used to describe all varieties of abuses that are perpetrated sexually. These types of abuses may occur in schools, workplace, community events, shopping malls, places of worship, health care setting, homes, and social gathering. The abuse can lead to an intimidating or hostile environment to the affected. Most victims of these abuses are women. However, men have become a subject of the same, though in rare cases(Scully, 2013). According to the study carried by Sabina Wolak and Finkelhor(2008), women abuse perpetrated through sexual violence has been motivated by male dominance over women.

Background of the study

The history of men and pornography cannot be established on the specific date. However, it is well known that men have always viewed pornographic materials whether in private session or in the company of their friends.Scully(2013) posits thatmen are most likely to watch pornographic materials when they are in the company of their girlfriends or spouses. Pornography watched by individuals of different sex, for instance a male and a female is meant to arouse feelings leading to sexual intercourse.Research has shown that high school and college-aged men are the most prone when it comes to watching pornographic materials. 51 percent of the high school and college-men, who were caught watching pornography, used it to help them in masturbating(Malamuth, 2014). These individuals masturbated for several times in a week. A study carried by Bridgeset al. (2010), reveals that 19 percent of the student used it for several times in a month. However, Sabina, Wolak and Finkelhor, (2008), in their study indicate that only 13.5 percent of the students used pornography in masturbating daily. Notably, grown up men who watched more pornography deliberately used pornographic videos and images to maintain arousal during sex. These type of men preferred pornography over their real life sex encounters. Men used electronic gadgets such as television, Smartphone, and laptops to watch pornography. Those men who were a victim of these vice were young men in their early ages in institution of learning such as universities, colleges, and high school. Men who were married recently relied also on pornography when making love with their partners(Flood, 2008).

In the event whereby, men watch, view or rely on pornographic materials, women have reluctantly complained of sexual violence.Most cases of sexual violence against women were witnessed in remote and rural areas(Malamuth, 2014). Abuses through sex happened during the night or in those areaswith few individuals. Young women especially children are the most affected. Married women did also complain about sexual violence from their husbands. As a matter of fact, many divorces between married couples were triggered by abuses perpetrated through sexual harassment(Malamuth, 2014).At places of work, women reported also cases of sexual violence. They were keen to note that they were harassed by men in high position such as managers, supervisors, CEOs, and chairman. Commercial sex workers were not also left out in this type of violence. They complained that men did not accord them with respect either before sex, during sex or after sex. For instance, they complained of time wastages and little compensation after attending to their clients. Time wastage was witnessed when a client spent a lot of time watching pornography so as to experience arousal. Instances given in this case are a good example of the context where sexual violence against women usually occurs.

Research questions

Why do states, countries and governments restrict pornography?

How does men exposure to pornography cause them to become violent towards women?

In what ways does men sexually violates women?

Why do states, countries, and governments, restrict pornography?

When states, governments, and countries opted to ban the sale and broadcasting of pornographic materials, they were completely convinced that pornography is not good for society members. In fact, it is illegal for TV stations, websites and other form of advertisement such as magazines and newspapers to participate in any commercialization that promotes pornography. Broadcasting ofpornographic materials is punishable by the law in most countries all over the world (Hald,Malamuth& Yuen, 2010). When governments choose to burn this broadcasting, it had already become evident that pornography was becoming the source of many immoral behaviors in most societies. However, people still have access to pornography enabled by the ever growing technology.

How does men exposure to pornography cause them to become violent towards women? Psychologists have found out that there is a very close relationship between pornography and the human mind and body. Watching pornographic materials greatly affects the men brain. It hijacks a man brain causing him to have no control over his body. As a result, he is appears to act abnormal since he has no control overhimself. Sexually explicit material is known to trigger the mirror neurons in the male brain. When triggered mirror neuron has the capability to cause arousal leading to sexual tension and therefore the need for an outlet. Thus, scenes taking place in pornography binds a man to the object he is focusing on. When sexually aroused, a man gets an intense desire for sex. In this case, in order to satisfy his desires he either masturbates or finds a partner to make love with.

In what ways does men sexually violates women?

Sexual violence against women occurs when a man forces or coerces a woman either his wife of his girlfriend to sleep with him while she was not willing to do so. In the first place, it should be understood that, a man is doing so to nourish his sex desires triggered by watching pornography. If in this case a woman fails to give in to the request, she might even be physically injured when the man is trying to sleep with her. Such behaviors has led to increased rape in many societies, after men watch pornography and get sexually aroused, they turn out to a nearest woman without caring whether she is a child or a grown up(Schrock &Schwalbe, 2009). In addition to this, sexual violence against women may occur verbally. According to some previous research done by psychologists, men who watch pornography frequently find pleasure in pornography that having a real encounter with their partners becomes a problem. For this reason, they verbally abused their partners arguing that they are not good in bed(Flood, 2008). In addition, they did find interest in sleeping with them, but rather spend most time in watching pornography.

Limitation of the Study

In the process of conducting this research several challenges were encountered. Most of these challenges limited the capacity to source more information to compliment this research. The study did not completely establish on the difference between men who watched pornography and those who did not watch it. Apparently, though the study compared men from both cases, it concentrated a lot on those men who watched pornography. There is also a problem of inadequate information and definition of terms. Little information was gathered in relation to children sexual abuse. The statement was not discussed in details. However, the discussion did mention that men pornography has significantly contributed to child abuse through rape. In addition though not comprehensively, the study has in simple details given instances of sexual harassment; the case has been identified as an abuse towards women by men after they indulge in pornography. It is exhibited through verbal harassment, physical misconduct, and denying women their conjugal rights. Bullying is another form of sexual violence that was not explicitly given a lot of attention in the study. However, it is exhausted in various instances when giving mentioning contexts of sexual harassment towards women. Women bullying includes trying to harm a women merely because she is more vulnerable or inferior. For instance, raping a child because is weak or she has means of protecting herself. It may occur at workplaces when men in senior position bully women working in less prestigious positions.

Significance of the study

The study of men pornography is an essential topic in psychology. Through pornography study, one is familiarized with how a human brain works. Most importantly, the study has explained the relationship between a human brain and his perception to things he is exposed to through his eyes. What we see, significantly affects how we behave towards other people. For instance watching pornography causes male partners to sexually abuse their female partners. It is when they are trying to nourish their sexual desires. In addition, the study has given a glimpse of how certain behaviors affect how individuals relate with each in the environment. Since psychology is concerned with human behavior, it has become evident that watching pornography can strain our relationship with other individuals in the society for instance, can lead to divorce between married partners.


It can be concluded that, pornographic materials should not be allowed in societies. It is the main reason as to why there is heightened sexual violence toward women. It has also led to broken marriages as well as strained relationships among society members. Finally, pornography is so evil; it has changed men behavior towards women. Men who watch pornography no longer find pleasure in women, instead, they prefer watching sexually explicit materials rather than sleeping with thei...

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