Free Essay. The Type of Art and Work That Hassan Wants to Create

Published: 2023-03-06
Free Essay. The Type of Art and Work That Hassan Wants to Create
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The main significant impact that I have on the entire globe is to change the industry of film production in my home country, which is Saudi Arabia. Also, it is essential to note that I act as a role model to my fellow young citizens through engaging in entrepreneurial activities, which is an activity that opens up the mind of an individual. It will open more innovative and inventive minds that will change the film industry and other related ones in Saudi Arabia. My main work focuses on media production, which encompasses a significant role in society and the globe at large. Over the past ten years, Hassan has been honing his craft as a filmmaker. I am currently producing and directing documentaries, interviews, and music videos for different entities and markets. Also, I provided community support for charity events as a videographer and editor. He is recently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production and will graduate in 2020.

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Art and/or Business Type

The type of art and work that Hassan wants to create entails media production in my home country. It possesses several significant aspects that will aid its citizens and for outside source reference. Media production in his home country is an essential factor and needs professional attention according to the work experience (Banks, 158). In this case, the work will open doors to improve more effective approaches to filmmaking, such as advanced technology, particularly skilled laborers, and develop in strategies of video production (Bruun, 131). Quality products are significant in the industry of filmmaking since it is an eye of citizens towards the happenings of the country and the globe at large. The art that he provides will dig deep on the information and projects to give unobstructed views in production (Bruun, 132). To be precise, his media production work, in this case, will be responsible for all suitable and accessible projects from start to completion to provide legit information to society.

Besides that, it will also create job opportunities for individuals living in Saudi Arabia, which will prevent undesirable outcomes due to unemployment in the nation. It will enable young and mature minds to carry out artwork seriously and come up with more strategies for dealing with filmmaking projects (Bruun, 133). Media production will also have more participants carrying out artwork in their field exercise and film activities, which shows the growing aspect of the industry. Based on the explanation, his work will create such chances for individuals to expound the industry for a better and pleasing field of study for the upcoming generation who desire to pursue filmmaking (Bruun, 134). The work will profoundly change and improve the ground positively and effectively to the society that is practically suitable to get computed in Saudi Arabia.

Market Overview

The market overview in Saudi Arabia is pleasing as it encompasses several aspects that favor the industry of media production. The factors in the market are such as religious concepts, entertainment perspectives, and educational approaches are the demanding market approaches that enabled the existence of my idea and company (Menon et al., 4). The market has effectively changed due to the demand for quality products based on the above mentioned demanding factors. The highlighted features tend to rely on media production since their services view media production as an easy and effective way for sourcing and referencing information (Menon et al., p6). The market in the country, therefore, is demanding in regards to media production.

The target clients and audiences are, such as, a religious artist seeking for quality video production, lecturers who desire quality videos for tutorials for education purpose to the student, and entertainment sectors such as producing cartoons, documentaries and daily broadcasts in television stations (Menon et al., 9). The work will widely aid in providing better services and production quality to the targeted individuals and audiences. Despite competitors, my work has a unique way of producing media products, which are different from what gets viewed in the competitors' work. It will also provide a platform for my company to have contracts with other media production organizations (Menon et al., 12). The explained individuals will purchase and get satisfied with the services the company provides, which will change their products too.

Artwork or Product Definition Overview

As expounded earlier, the main product of my company is video production, which should be of excellent and professional quality. In this case, the videos are of entertainment videos, broadcast videos documentaries, and music videos (Bruun, 134). The stressed concepts are types of the product the company wants to improve in terms of approaches and techniques when producing. Videos are recordings, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving images that is visible (Banks, 160). The exercise of establishing videos involves the computation of digital technology, which gives the product a quality and pleasing view of its audiences (Bruun, 136). Video making requires time and total attention when establishing and creating where instruments need proper and accurate set up for the activity.

Contemporaries or Competition Overview

There are several competitors in the field of film making in Saudi Arabia who provide similar products. Competitors are such as Arrows Media, POP Communications, Sendian creations, Comelite design studio, and Palm Coast (Timothy, 5). The listed companies have highly competitive products, which is an issue of concern to Hassan's media production. They provide their services and products at a significant scale point of view, and each has its unique products for their market. The competitors exist in Saudi Arabia, which makes it more competitive together with the high pricing of services (Timothy, 7). Besides, the uniqueness of Hassan products provides a distinctive feature between the competitors and the company.

The targeted audience of the competitors is mainly actors and actresses who seek to carry out movie production exercises. According to the competitors' profiles, they mainly focus on providing services to organizational based clients (Timothy, 11). The competitors who specialized in movie production and advertisement services, primarily in social media platforms. The difference between my work and those of the competitors is the uniqueness of the services the company provides. The company offers the opportunity of delivering filmmaking services to those unreached individuals who cannot afford the cost of recording a project (Timothy, 15). The cost of purchasing my product will be suitable for every individual who seeks to have a quality affordable product (Timothy, 19). The chief merit of my work to the society is that the services produced are cheap and of high quality. Young independent individuals will also benefit when doing business with my company as I try to reach such potential and willing clients.

Positioning Overview

There are several ways of framing the company, which may lead to success in the market and the filmmaking field at large. The first approach that Hassan would take into account is to focus on a specific product and specialize it to be better than those of competitors. The company will carry out unique activities of filmmaking, which will position it differently from other organizations (Kingsnorth, 3). The serviceable market for the company is mainly young potential and willing clients who have never had a chance of showcasing and recording their projects. Further consideration gets done on school areas as an operative market that will provide the company with a platform for selling its products.

The leading company message entails how the company will solve the problem of filmmaking in media production. "It is a competitive field across the globe, which leads to a lack of opportunities from young individuals to carry out their project. It is due to expensive services and quality point of view based on products where my company solves the problem of affordability and quality films to customers in Saudi Arabia and the world at large." The quoted information is the market message that can get used by the company to explain to the clients concerning the reasons for purchasing the product (Kingsnorth, 6).

Thus, I can promise that my company will provide quality and affordable products which will please the buyers and willing customers. The company promises to take full responsibility for the clients' projects from the beginning to completion of the plan (Kingsnorth, 9). In this case, the product of the company will benefit the clients with an affordable production process as earlier expounded. It will enable the client to possess a high-quality product that gets highly digitalized and that which will satisfy the customers' needs (Kingsnorth, 11).

Presentation Overview

The branding point of the company will encompass an image of a classic camera that contains the name of the organization as the logo. Branding of the company is more than just the logo since it consists of the company's overview of experience and as the profile. The brand expounds on the mission statement of my company and also shows more explanation in line with the brand competitor spreadsheet (Kingsnorth, 13). The first portfolio of the company's branding strategies shall entail the benefits and critical qualities which get examined by clients. The brand consists of a brand voice, such as the professional and informative in the company. The presentation style and portfolio lie on a technological perspective in the company (Kingsnorth, 15). My work will get presented on internet protocol approaches that will enhance proper and compelling demonstration of the company. The market strategies will include advertising, selling, and delivery of quality products to the clients.

Networking and Public Relations Strategies Overview

The company tends to have professional communication strategies to its clients and customers that will show seriousness and formal ways of the business. Through influencing specific targeted markets, the company will create a friendly atmosphere for the clients that will help maintain the customers (Scheiner et al., 6). The company shall enhance its overall image, which helps in gaining a compelling public relations and marketing perspectives. The image of the company is significant as it helps in the selling and marketing of the company (Scheiner et al., 8). In this case, the concept gets based on the company's management, which should be of high standard and professionalism. The public relation opportunities are;

  • A good relationship with the investors.
  • A proper relationship between the company and television station channels.
  • Government relationship.
  • Young potential individuals with practical projects in society
  • The contract offers from other media companies.

Advertising Strategy Overview

Advertising strategies are significant for every business existing in a nation since it acts as a point of selling the company's name and products to potential clients. Based on the discussion, the advertising strategies that are applicable in this case are a display of ads in social media and electronic applications, newspapers and magazines, product placement, and marketing strategies (Scheiner et al., 11). All types of advertising strategies listed above are significant and applicable in my company since they are useful for the marketing of the products. They can help in showcasing and selling the company's brand to the clients hence increasing productivity.

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