Paper Example: Paying Better Than My Competition

Published: 2023-02-27
Paper Example: Paying Better Than My Competition
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Employees often get what they pay for in the job market. In order to attract top talent and qualified candidates during recruitment, an HR professional needs to survey the job market and determine the compensation the competitors are offering their employees. The manager or HR professional can then average the compensations to come up with a figure that they will need to beat, to attract top talent already in the job market. (Zojceska, 2019). If the company is unable to afford a higher compensation package, I would look into the big picture and perhaps consider other factors that would attract top talent into the company. These would include flexible working schedules, longer vacation periods, commuter subsidies, among others. These are benefits that quality candidates would consider as they also carry monetary value. The top talent available for hire often looks at more than just the paycheck. Employee satisfaction in the workplace is crucial as recent research revealed that overall job satisfaction does not only involve salary but other factors such as flexible working schedules and trust between the employer and the employees (Radhika, 2018).

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Use of Employee Referrals

Employee referrals have lately proved a success in recruiting qualified professionals (Radhika, 2018). It is actually the most effective recruitment method presently, as most qualified candidates are easily convinced by word of mouth as considered to written advertisements (Zojceska, 2019). Highly qualified employees in the workplace are also more likely to have equally qualified candidates in their social and professional circles, as well. It is, therefore, crucial that a recruiting manager creates a recruiting network with the employees they rank highest. Recruiting a hotel manager through referrals from my high ranking employees will ease their settling process as he/she will already have known about the company's details through the referee. The referred candidates are also likely to have attained useful experience elsewhere for them to be associated with my company's employees. Additionally, the referred candidates will have an idea of what is required of the hotel manager position in the daily running of the business (Radhika, 2018). For this method to be a success, I will need to establish a good relationship with other employees. This will instill a sense of ownership in them and thus feel the urge to involve other qualified potential job seekers in their circles in working for the hotel.

Considering Past Applicants

I would also consider previous applicants for the position that did not meet the cut during the previous recruitment due to various factors. Previous applicants are likely to have gained more knowledge and perhaps experience for the position and thus would offer quality candidates for the hotel manager position (Radhika, 2018). Previous applicants also have an idea of what is expected of the manager, having been interviewed previously, and thus would have an easier time taking over the position. I would, therefore, establish a network with previous applicants and closely track their progress alongside maintaining a high employer reputation than my competitors. This way, I will have an easier time selecting top and qualified talent for hiring for the manager position. I will also have an easier time negotiating terms with past applicants as there already exists a good relationship between us.

I believe the above three positions would lead to the consideration of the best-qualified seekers. Paying better and offering better working conditions that my competition will attract top talent to apply for the position. Employee referrals and past applicants will not only provide me with skilled applicants but also give the new hotel manager an easier time adapting to the hotel's business structure.


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