Role of Government in Tourism and Events, Essay Example for Students

Published: 2018-07-16
Role of Government in Tourism and Events, Essay Example for Students
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Tourism and Events Government Role Introduction

Government roles provide an essential ingredient in determining the success achieved in tourism. The government gets involved in tourism in several ways which enable all players to carry out operations harmoniously. In countries where running travel and events is left only to the private sector, the performance is usually poor as compared to one with high government involvement. The attraction of tourists from all over the world in a country depends on the host government and to a large degree its relationship with different countries. Thought the private sector involved in tourism and events are a determining factor in how they will perform, the base of the possible success is sourced from the government activities in support of the industry. Tourism and events bring revenue to the government; therefore the government should play its role in supporting it. Some of the most vital roles played by the government in ensuring the success of tourism include creating a favorable environment, coming up with viable policies, promoting tourism, and developing infrastructures to make tourism sites accessible. In determining the importance of the government involvement in tourism and events, a case study of the roles of the UK government in tourism is done below.

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Roles of Government

The UK government supports the tourism industry by creating a vast network of partner countries all over the world. The government uses the Visit Britain Agency in promoting and attracting visitors to the country ("The value of tourism in England", 2017). The body creates a partnership with different governments in different places in the world and carries out promotions on events and tourism activities within the UK. Advertisements make people in different locations in the world curious, and consequently, they visit the nation. A high number of visitors make the tourism industry and events to perform better financially. The involvement of the agency on behalf of the government in attracting foreigners into the country plays a vital role and makes it easy for the private sectors to operate smoothly (Simmons, Shone, & Dalziel, 2016, p. 1675). It would become costly for the individual tourist and events business to advertise their products and services all over the world to attract customers. Therefore the government involvement makes the business viable.

For tourism to thrive, a country should not have political instability. States ensure that an enabling environment is created by providing sufficient security and political stability. In cases where there is political instability, few tourists become attracted to visit a country. Also, countries warn their citizens from visiting a country with political instability and hence affecting tourism and event market. As government creates a safe environment for foreigners to visit a country, it also enacts policies that ensure there is no discrimination for the tourists to enjoy their stay in the country.

Good infrastructure enables fast and easy movement of people from one location to the other, government constructs infrastructures such as roads, railways, and airports. Good transport network has been one of the valuable supports the tourism industry in the UK receives from the government. There are good transport networks connecting arena where most events are carried out as well as travel sites. Smooth movement ensures both internal and foreign tourists utilize their time well while moving from one place to the other and encourages them to visit many locations in the country within a relatively short period. A modern railway transport system is availed in the UK and even across the border with a good network to access tourists’ sites allowing most people in Europe to have alternative means to use while visiting the UK.

Natural Environment

Conservation of natural environment and sustainable production is a major factor in ensuring the success of tourism industry. The government has the mandate of nearing that natural environment is protected and sustained in the best way possible (Cruz, Albrecht, & Briones, 2016, p. 174). It enacts regulation to boost the conservation of the environment and protecting historical sites to remain in a state that would attract visitors. Without laws protecting the historical sites such as the Hadrian’s Wall, the private developers would modify the places or use them for other purposes hence hurt the historical heritage. The government for many years has played the role of protecting such sites and ensuring they remain as natural as possible.

The government also supports events and tourism by setting standards and plans that should be met in the construction of venues and other necessary structures. Safe structures meeting the real international standards give tourists’ confidence to visit the country and attend events (Simmons, Shone, & Dalziel, 2016, p. 1676). Substandard structures pose a threat of collapsing and scare away tourists. The government role of setting standards, approving plans and also inspecting to ensure that every aspect of a structure meet all set safety measures works as a boost to the whole industry because it guarantees the reputation of a country is not affected negatively.


Government plays a significant role in promoting tourism and events in a county. Its roles are irreplaceable because of the unique nature of the industry. First, the cost of attracting visitors from all over the world for an individual business would be costly and affect possible profits as well as lock out small enterprises. Secondly, regulations set by the government and good infrastructures play significant roles in ensuring visitors have a comfortable and enjoyable time in a country. Finally, the enabling environment such as peaceful coexistence, which can only be created by the government, is the primary factor that drives tourism and events. Therefore, government roles in tourism and events are critical for the industry to operate and remain successful.

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