Paper Example of a Letter to Judge

Published: 2023-01-13
Paper Example of a Letter to Judge
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I am writing this letter with the hope of getting the long-awaited justice. I strongly believe in your capacity to and willingness to look into my case keenly and ensure that justice prevails. Since you are already having the details to this case, I would like to mention several issues. First, I take this opportunity to complain about my lawyer's lack of cooperation. Since I hired Alexander Ennis as my lawyer, I expected him to do everything possible to ensure that I get justice. Sadly, my lawyer refused to subpoena Cash & Carry work comp records back in 2017 and 2018. Specifically, he stated that he doesn't need that information to win the case, nor does he have to comply with my demands and will handle my case as he sees fit. I firmly believe that such an attitude is not only unprofessional but can also jeopardize my efforts to seek justice.

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Second, I asked my lawyer, Alexander Ennis, to subpoena Cash & Carry video surveillance in two separate instances: when I hired him on August 8th, 2017 and by email on August 24, 2017. In the email, which I have submitted to this court, I expressed my desire to strengthen my case by availing you with a footage that would show what exactly happened to me at Cash & Carry. Please refer to my copy of my email regarding the video surveillance. My Lawyer Alexander Ennis didn't subpoena those records until February of 2019, nearly one month before my two-year mark of my injury. My lawyer informed me at the end of February, that Cash & Carry/ Smart & Final couldn't find such video of my work injury of March 10, 2010 or even video-surveillance 6-12 months after my injury in March 10, 2017. Also, my Lawyer didn't show my any proof of the subpoena. Therefore, I find it irresponsible, unprofessional, and fishy for my lawyer ignores such a piece of hard evidence that could help this court to deliver a just ruling.

I take this opportunity to one again accuse my lawyer, Alexander Ennis, for failing to play his part in a professional manner. I strongly feel that his failure to collect hard evidence will deny me a chance to get the justice I waited all these years. In particular, my lawyer Alexander Ennis needs to be held accountable for his actions of failing to apply by basic law principles, with possible fractions against his Law license and or having his bar license suspended. It's too late in my case to fire my current Lawyer Alexander Ennis, that's why I decided to keep him.

Thirdly, I request you to consider reviewing the medical records following the injuries I suffered and the resulting psychological damage I endured over the years. For example, the timing of the tests and medical assessment was somehow misleading due to the healing process that took place before they were done. I believe, if both my MRI's was completed on the date of injury March 10, 2017 or within a week of a week of injury; therefore, it would have shown two or more fractures in my back, not just T-12 disk compression from the MRI results of June 20, 2017.

According to my doctors, it only takes 4-6 weeks for a fracture to heal, my MRI for my back wasn't done until June 20, 2017, just a little over 4 months after my injury occurred on March 10, 2017. The MRI on my right lower leg wasn't performed until November 8th, 2017, nearly 9 months after my original injury. Also, I could not walk on my leg for nearly two months after my March 10, 2017 injury. I realized that my employer Cash & Carry retaliated against by for the first injury of September 22, 2015, by letting me go on February 1st, 2016, telling me business was slow even though I was the night-crew supervisor. My employer wanted to recover their loss from my worker-comp claim that last nearly a week. I was rehired in at the end of May 2016.

As of June 29, 2019, I am still suffering from severe back, leg and neck pain. Also, I firmly believe that the injuries caused has affected mentally and emotionally to an extent where I suffer severe anxiety and nightmares. I always look through the blinds at home thinking someone's after me. I have also developed a strong sense of fear for heights as well as insomnia. On the same note, I stated earlier that I was suspended twice for work-related injuries while working at Cash & Carry. Well, that I was a mistake on my part. After my first injury of 22nd September 2015, I had an altercation with an employee, which I was asked about during my deposition. This happened the same day of my first injury but that night after my previous shift when I suffered my injury. I work graveyards 9 pm - 6 am. I was given two medications which I believe caused me to react the way I did on September 22, 2015. I was ordered by HR Department to go see a shrink for six weeks after the altercation. I confirmed with the doctor that my reactions were due the reaction of the two medications I was given from Kaiser on Tuesday morning of September 22nd. Therefore, I was able to keep my job at Cash & Carry.

However, my store manager, Ben Wiseman, clearly stated state that he was planning to suspend me even if that altercation did not happen. According to him, I know better on how to protect myself when using the step ladder even though there is no written rule by HR backing up his claim. Therefore, I firmly believe that my suspension was preplanned irrespective of whether the altercation happened or not. Therefore, I hereby submit my application that this case goes beyond hard evidence. In my view, the court should also consider the motive beyond the actions of my employer in denying me a safe environment to work and doing everything possible to deny me a chance to seek justice.

In a nutshell, I take this opportunity for expressing my confidence to the court and the fact that justice shall prevail. I have waited long enough and I firmly believe that I will get the justice I yearn for. Importantly, I plead with you, as the judge of this court, to closely look at the consistency of my applications and serve justice. When I started this journey, I picked a reputation lawyer with the hope that I will get the justice I deserve. Unfortunately, I am genuinely disappointed with the manner in which my lawyer, Alexander Ennis, has handled this case, especially in the manner in which he collected and submitted hard evidence to support me in this court. With all the psychological torture that I have endured so far, the last thing I expected was to work with a layer who pays little or no attention to my woes. Therefore, it is for this reason that I seek justice not from my employer who destroyed my career and snatched away my happiness but a lawyer who failed to represent me accordingly as the law stipulates. With all the omissions made so far in terms of providing hard pieces of evidence, I am genuinely concerned about the outcome of this case. Thus, I am deeply concerned about my future as far as this case goes and the possible miscarriage of justice if the evidence provided on your table fails to reach the much-needed threshold. I, therefore, take this opportunity to express my optimism that will get the long-awaited justice. On the same note, I firmly believe that Cash & Carry should face the law for misconduct and failure to respect protects its workers. It is totally unfair for such an employer to continue failing to meet OSHA standards and destroying the lives of committed workers. Therefore, my willingness to pursue justice goes beyond personal interests. Nobody else should undergo the physical and emotional damage that I have suffered in the hands of Cash & Carry.

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