Essay Sample Describing the Current Drug Trends

Published: 2019-09-09
Essay Sample Describing the Current Drug Trends
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Drugs are a substance that when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body has a physiological result. It can also be medicine. Inappropriate use of prescriptions or illegal use of drugs amounts to drug abuse. Consequences of drug abuse are lethal (Katie). Drug abuse leads to addiction. Drugs mostly abused include, Cocaine, Crack, Heroin, and Marijuana. The essay seeks to illustrate the current drug trends, worst drug problems, solutions to drug abuse and ways of using the drugs safely.

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Addiction and drug abuse are both considered as a disorder resulting from drug abuse. Drug abuse is characterized by a pattern of self-destruction from using substances leading to significant distress and problems of which does include withdrawal or tolerance of the substance. Unfortunately, the disorder of drug use is quite common and for example in the United States, it does affect 8 % of the population at some point in their lives (Harmanjit 93-97). Virtually, substances that result in euphoric feeling after ingestion can more likely be abused. Household cleaners form the list of most abused substances.

Physiological and specific physical effects of drug abuse vary regarding the substance involved. General effects regarding any substance abused are devastating. A number of psychological, social and biological risk factors predispose persons to develop chemical use disorder. There are many causes for drug use disorder.

Symptoms resulting from the drug are many. Recurrent drug use results in legal problems and interference with essential obligations. It does also results in the relationship or social problems, withdrawal tolerance and use of many drugs for a prolonged period. Unsuccessful efforts are also put towards stopping the usage of the drugs. There is the untiring desire to consume drugs and neglect of other life aspects due to drug use and use of an unwarranted amount of time using this drugs, getting energy or recovering from drug consumption and abuse effects.

Regarding the brain, specific effects resulting from drugs do vary depending on the drug used. Any substance that is abused brings about hindrance in the executive functioning of the brain. The brains ability to prevent or delay actions of the person is somehow hindered (David 408-410).

Treatment services regarding the drug use disorder are widely underutilized by those individuals who suffer from such conditions. For adequate diagnosis of someone with these effects, professionals of health-care assess the disorder by collecting comprehensive family, medical, physical examinations as well as mental health information and lab tests to evaluate the victims medical state. For recovery, the primary goals are rehabilitation, abstinence and relapse prevention (David). A person needs detoxification treatment at the initial abstinence stage to help lessen or avoid the withdrawal effects. Psychological addiction is more challenging to recover from than any other physical aspects of addiction.

Many approaches have proved to be effective in lessening the danger of use drug condition. Lifestyle changes such as the use of other stress reducing techniques, increased doing of physical activity help prevent the drug disorder in the teens. Formally, programs such as the children program on health that includes the intervention of students, parents and teachers help in controlling drug addiction in elementary school going children are so much helpful (Harmanjit 93-97). The program takes 18 months. Computer programs that help with curbing this vice have also been developed. This is due to easier access to technology as well as its effectiveness in reaching many people.

Ways in which the drugs can be used safely include; keeping a list of all the medications prescribed to you and also those drugs that you cannot use due to other reactions like an allergy. It is of utmost importance to share this information with your pharmacist. Providing information to your health care provider regarding the way you take your drugs in cases for example where the medication is different from the one earlier that you used is important, one needs to learn and know the names of pharmaceuticals as well as the dosage schedules and strengths prescribed to him or her. Asking questions concerning drugs you dont understand does help a lot in eliminating unnecessary substance abuse. In the case of one being too ill to follow the instructions, ask for help from a relative, friend or doctor (Nawaz).

Being a drug-free society is what we all need. Having the right diet in regard nutrition help us keep drugs at a bar. Taking a balanced diet provides the body with essential requirements to help fight diseases. Diseases mostly warrant the use of medication and therefore eliminating them from our present environment helps we do away with drugs. Even though, some drugs do help with boosting the body functioning mechanism. Spend time with your loved ones. Having a robust relationship with your family is an active factor in doing away with substance abuse. Avoiding temptations and reflect on them, set personal goals, talk to others regarding what you are going through, do any other thing that makes you feel good and appreciated, before you start, stop it, Keep distance, stay engaged and do that what makes you happy.

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