Law Essay Sample: The Important Roles of Prosecutors in Juvenile Justice

Published: 2019-11-18
Law Essay Sample: The Important Roles of Prosecutors in Juvenile Justice
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According to Tarpy, (year), There different roles played by the young prosecutors that extend beyond the court process (p. 44). Moreover, it is argued that in cases involving the juveniles, much of the operations should be conducted in the field rather than the courtroom.

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Firstly, the prosecutors should invest a lot in providing awareness in academic institutions and public forums on the significance of education. Drug and substance abuse impacts, truancy and mental health issues on offending should be the campaign of the prosecutors to prevent crimes.

Besides, the attorney through the juvenile justice system can provide the motivational strategies that promote change among the children. For achievement, proper policies and programs should be initiated in the communities to support moral child development using training methods such as the web-based, on-site training, and technical assistance.

Outlined policies and procedures for juvenile justice key players.

The prosecution of minors has key players such as the young defense counsel. The systems entail their ethical requirements in representing the accusers. Moreover, the youth defense lawyers should have the specialized training and development such as communication methods with the young generation, fundamental aspects developmental science and research and training on active adolescent interviewing methods among others.

Additionally, the counsels primary role is to promote the clients interests by not making his or parents views as a substitute to clients and provide the customer with addition information that will be key to the success of the client in the case. Methodologies of managing files should also be incorporated to determine the scope of representation, to avoid conflicts of interest regarding youth competence in the trial. According to Department of Justice manual, (2012), Competence in juvenile justice as the legal knowledge, abilities, skills, thoroughness and preparation reasonably required for representation. (pg. 25)

Moreover, the scope of representation should be at the earliest stage going through to the completion of the trial process. Any conflicts of interests need early identification, and the counsel should act appropriately to avoid the conflict of interests.

Similarly, there are different roles of conducted by the juvenile defense counsel during the initial court proceedings after the arrest. The functions are represented in various stages such as during the client representation at the beginning of the proceedings, at the police custody, during investigative procedures and police identification, promoting non-adjudicatory results, during arraignment among others.

Personally, I feel that the prosecutors have not played their role as far a juvenile justice is concerned. Most attorneys give much concentration on the courtroom processes. However, they should shift from their traditional responsibilities and become society leaders by creating projects, programs, and participating in initiatives geared towards reducing the juvenile crime before its commence. Therefore, the young prosecutors should realize that prosecution and prevention are not incompatible. The prosecutors must thoroughly address and appropriately deal with anti-social behaviors including drug abuse and other forms of crimes before its late.


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