Paper Example. Corruption and Its Effects

Published: 2023-08-07
Paper Example. Corruption and Its Effects
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Corruption is one of the issues adversely affecting the economies of the world, with a significant number of people having their lives shattered by the effects of this problem. It covers the concept that involves people managing to gain in the wrong way at the expense of others. The act tends to weaken democracy, lowers economic development, raise the poverty levels in society and lead to social divisions. Curbing corruption can only happen when people manage to understand the factors that trigger its occurrence and the systems that enable them to happen. It can happen anywhere though it is highly affecting the government offices where the public is compelled to give bribes for them to be served. The act happens despite these employees getting payment from the authorities to offer those services for free. It happens everywhere, and it evolves with time and circumstances due to changes in legislation, rules, and technology. Everyone should work towards ensuring that corruption is managed, and various activities can be taken to achieve the desired outcome. There is a need to empower citizens, ensure that people have access to information, promote transparency, and end impunity which should be combined with reforming public administration. Many people ask the question of why it is essential to end corruption. When it is managed, the economy will improve, and the standards of living will rise.

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People who engage in corruption should be arrested and prosecuted to discourage others that may get tempted to undertake the same act. There is a need to have a robust legal framework, for this is one of the best measures that a country can institute to manage the problem. The court system should be independent, and they should be offered the platform to act in the right way without fear or favour. The civil society groups should support the initiates that are taken by various stakeholders working towards ending corruption (Dimant, Eugen, and Schulte 55). They can take part in campaigns that are discouraging the public from giving bribes and encouraging them to remain corrupt-free. When the citizens are empowered, they will have the ability to hold the government accountable for their actions and demand for answers on issues that they think they are not being run in the right way. The move will lead to the building of mutual trust between people and the government making it easier to deliver resources. The monitoring initiatives that may be taken in society can help in detecting corruption and reduction of the leakages and loopholes that support the misusing of public funds. The public should create a platform upon which they can share data and information relating to corruption issues to ensure that everyone knows their rights and the limits that they are not supposed to exceed. Government openness, transparency, easiness to access information, and press freedom are some of the measures that countries that are working on curbing corruption should undertake (Swanda, Made, and Nadiroh 30). When it is easier to access information, the government bodies manage to become responsive reducing the chances of engaging in corruption deals. Public administration reforms is another measure that can be adopted in curbing the corruption cases with tight policies getting introduced in the financial management processes. The auditing agencies should have more power to scrutinize company operations, for they will manage to detect any unethical deals in business. All the stakeholders in an economy should be involved in the process of ending this problem, considering that it has roots in every sector of the economy. Therefore, involving everyone is the only sure bet of ending corruption in an economy. People should be responsible in their area of operation. The police officer should arrest the persons engaging in corrupt deals while the judicial systems should sentence the ones that are found guilty. The public should avoid giving bribes while the government officials should be ready to offer services to the public without asking for tips. Some of the obstacles experienced when fighting corruption include unethical officials in the various government agencies that are supposed to be on the front line in ending this menace. The police officers have a significant role in arresting the corrupt persons, yet they are taking bribes. The court systems are also filled with corrupt judges and this is making the fight difficult, considering that they are the ones that are supposed to sentence criminals.

The benefits that will be realized when corruption is managed include an improvement in the economic system of a country. The menace involves people taking funds that would have been in general circulation for their individual gain. These monies would have been used to develop roads, school systems, and hospital facilities, but when they are taken by people, these structures remain in a devastating state. The poor are unable to access better health care services while the quality of education remains low to the extent that there are no economic benefits realized from the students. When there is a large amount of money in general circulation, people will manage to earn a better living and poverty will be eradicated (Liu et al. 120). Additionally, the government budget will be reduced since the bodies that are established to fight corruption will be disbanded. Employment will be created considering that the funds set aside for projects will be utilized in the right way meaning that facilities will be constructed and the available resources will be utilized in the right way for everyone to benefits and not for the gain of a few in society. Democracy covers the abilities of individuals to have their voice heard and ensuring that there is equality in society. Therefore, when corruption is managed, people will manage to have a platform that they can voice their concerns since everyone will be following the rule of law on managing issues (Borcan, Oana, Lindahl, and Mitrut 182). Cases of judges getting bribed to decide cases in a manner desired by a few that have given a bribe will end, and this will ensure that justice will prevail in the courts. The weak and poor will manage to get the justice that they deserve, and the public will have trust and faith in the various government departments.

In developing this essay, the information that will be needed will be obtained from various scholars that have handled matters relating to corruption and its devastating effects in society. Additional information will be obtained from peer-reviewed journal articles that contain information that is analyzed by various scholars and determined to be accurate. There is a great need to ensure that the right measures are undertaken that will help in ending corrupt dealings. Many benefits will be realized that include economic development, a reduction in poverty levels, and reduced government spending.

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