Free Essay: The Most Important Piece From the Students' Experiences

Published: 2023-04-05
Free Essay: The Most Important Piece From the Students' Experiences
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An essential piece evident in the students' experience is the responsibilities and objectives of the social worker. Becoming a social worker is more of a calling than a money-making career (Colby, & Dziegielewski, 2016). Social workers are individuals who dedicate their attention, time, and resources for the service of the community. A social worker has to focus more on the assistance of those they help than the financial benefits that they get from the process.

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The Most Beneficial Ideas for a Human Service Professional

Many skill sets are vital for a social worker. One of the skills is active listening and effective communication. Social workers serve people of varied age, religions, ethnicity, among others. There is a need to be a dynamic speaker and have keen ears to listen to the needs of the clients to facilitate helping them achieve their needs. A social worker should not be a person who thinks that he/she knows the problems of the client and their ultimate solution. Their work is to help the client achieve what they want to. Therefore, they should listen to and understand the clients before taking any action to help.

The Turning Point from the Discussion

Anger management is one of the vital parts of a social worker that is usually overlooked. The discussion addresses the issue of anger management and its relevance to the context. The ability to manage anger is essential for the social workers since they will be handling the elderly, for instance, who may be challenging to deal with. Other than anger management, understanding the client is vital in the collaboration between them and the social workers. It enables the social worker to elevate their understanding and reasoning and develop the same perspective as the client. As a result, working with the client becomes more manageable when both the client and the social worker resonate at the same mental spot.

One of the primary challenges that the intern social work students faced was empowerment from their supervisors. It appears that some of the students did not get support from the supervisors on what to expect and how to handle clients. Helping interns to acquire the knowledge that they deserve that will aid their process of helping clients is the first step in creating a social worker. However, from the discussion, some student complains of being seen as some cheap labor. The approach affects not only the students but also the clients. An excellent example is the case of the student who was dealing with domestic violence client. There was no briefing done on the student that could help him prepare in advance on the best way to handle the discussion. Thus, a collaboration between the supervisors and the students is vital for the students to succeed in the social work career.

The Useful Techniques for Working with a Client Featured in the Video

The discussion has numerous useful techniques that are vital for the social worker. As mentioned above, communication skills, understanding the client, active listening, the ability to express oneself, and self-confidence are critical skills that a social worker should have. The social worker demonstrates these skills using techniques such as creating a rapport for them to work effectively with the clients. In some instances, a social worker may be working with an elderly and more experienced person than them. Techniques such as self-confidence and demonstrating that they are equal to the task is essential for the social worker.

Techniques that help the social worker understand the issues facing the client are essential. When dealing with older people, it is not the responsibility of the social worker to fix all the issues at once, but rather understand that it is a process that takes time. The colder people, in most cases, have been through a lot and may fail to see the young social worker being able to help. Therefore, it is the duties of the young social worker to create a rapport, learn, and listen to the needs of the older people. Fixing the issues is entirely the role of the client while the social worker is there to facilitate the entire process.


Colby, I., & Dziegielewski, S. F. (2016). Introduction to social work: The people's profession. Lyceum Books.

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