The Five Fabulous Fashion Nights in New York - Free Essay

Published: 2023-09-13
The Five Fabulous Fashion Nights in New York - Free Essay
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1. Should Washington just go ahead and drop the issue?

Washington should just go ahead and enquire more on the issue since she just heard it in the form of rumors and she doesn`t know whether it was really that the named employees were using drugs to keep them energized throughout their shift during the Five Fabulous Fashion Nights in New York.

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2. Given that all employees worked under a demanding schedule, should she confront the entire staff about her concerns?

As a chief executive officer of Carpet Red Communications, Dana should confront the entire staff to enquire on the whole story given that all employees were operating under a regulative schedule. It is by doing so; that Dana Washington will be able to know the specific individuals acting in such a manner that defies the job scheduling regulations.

3. Should Washington take these employees aside and speak with them about what she had overhead or even directly confront the employees who might have a problem?

If Washington wants to ensure whether the story was real or just a rumour, she will have to take the employees that were suspected with the issue of taking drugs aside to discuss on the issue privately with them. Relevantly, doing so will eradicate the likelihood of conflicting issue among the employees who were heard with such rumors against the suspected employees. Subsequently, it will be good if both of the parties could have a common meeting with Dan Washington for reconciliation, to enhance the progression of job scheduling without issues.

4. Why should it matter to Dana Washington, when it was just a short conversation on something that might be true or not?

Even though Dana Washington had just heard a precise conversation with some employees who were discussing something that she was not sure whether it was real or not, it should matter a lot to Washington, since it is her responsibility to take care of her enterprise as a manager. Vibrantly, to settle the case, Dana has to be curious and anxious about getting the real information concerning the issue even if the performance of the suspected employees was on the top-notch. Consequently, Washington should get highly concerned with the issue for it matters a lot and it is a very bigger issue that can bring some other problems than she had ever thought. Thus, it is advisable to curb an imperceptible catastrophe that might result by solving the small issues being faced in a particular enterprise without negligence for it might cost a lot to such organization.

5. Discuss with peers how Washington should proceed and why.

Unequivocally, Washington should defy negligence and avoid the notion that such rumors are minor by making up a decision to follow up the case for the betterment of her enterprise`s future. Inherently, she will need to use the right protocol while following the issue to avoid conflicting the two teams. The protocol entails setting an immediate appointment to intervene the employees to whom she had initially heard the conversation concerning the drug issue in the line of duty where she will have to enquire for the reality about the issue. After realizing that it was a real matter, Washington will then have to call the suspected employees to have a talk with them where she will have to get into the roots of the matter and counsel them if possible. Consequently, Washington will have to go through such a process to ascertain on the reality of matter and to curb more issues from being encountered in her enterprise.

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