Consumer Culture Analytic Reflection Essay

Published: 2022-03-14
Consumer Culture Analytic Reflection Essay
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The results of my ecological footprint prove that there is a need of 5.06 earths if everyone lived my lifestyle. My total footprints in global acres are equal to 196.29. In comparison with the average of the United States, the footprint is categorized according to consumption category, thus stated in terms of global acres. My carbon footprint is 79.4 whereas that of the US is 91.4. My food footprint is the same as that of the US average with an average of 65.7. My housing footprint average is 24.7 whereas that of the US is 31.6. The final category is that of the goods, and services footprint and my average are 26.5 whereas that of the US is 57.7. The global average of 1.5 earths means that I am using ecological resources 1.5 times faster than the earth can renew them (Flynn, 2015). Where my carbon footprint is 79.38, the earth's average will be 35.28. Where my food footprint is 65.7, the earth's average will be 43.8.Where my housing footprint is 24.7, the earth's average is 16.47. Where my goods and services footprint is 26.5, the earth's average would be 17.67.

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Considering what Baudrillard's accounts, it is essential for the United States to take steps that will enhance its economic success. The ecological footprint of individuals shows how people utilize the available resources and how long the earth takes to regenerate similar resources (Baudrillard, 2017). A decline in economic resources results in the fading away of the consumer culture. This is because the individuals cannot consume as much as they used to consume. Lie what happened since the half of the 20th-century consumer culture arose and then and declined in the 21st century. Economic success, however, makes it easier for the consumer culture to continue. This is because we identify that previously, the economic downtown in 2007 is what led to the decline in the consumer culture (Baudrillard, 2017). The decline in the economic resources caused people to consume less than they initially consumed. The United States is doubling its efforts of exporting its products to other countries to restore its economic success. New developments are thus being considered to heal the economic situation. Examples are the introduction of solar and wind energy.

Additionally, consumer culture might continue, but it would not look the same as what exists now (Moore, Kissinger & Rees, 2013). This is because preferences change and new resources are likely to be identified. New resources give rise to new demands and new preferences among the citizens (Wackernagel, Cranston, Morales & Galli, 2014). Some resources might further be preferred than others. My carbon and forestland footprint surprised me a lot since I did not expect it to be that high. My forestland and carbon footprint are affected by consumer culture. Consumer culture affects it because much of my life is involved in reading books, traveling around and frequent renovations of the furniture in my house. Much of the forestland and carbon resources are thus utilized in the activities that I love. I will reduce my footprint by engaging in renewing furniture, using public means of transport and recycling paper.


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