Free Essay on Cloud Environment Optimization

Published: 2019-06-25
Free Essay on Cloud Environment Optimization
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When it comes to services and performance in the headquarters and branch offices, the headquarters usually experience the best compared to the branch offices. Employees in remote sites may expect the same network applications, but most organizations cannot afford the required budget and headcount to staff the sites locally. To achieve efficiency, the first step is to ensure that there is a comprehensive documentation of the remote site network. In documentation, information about the equipment that exists, the users and where and how they are connected to the network are recorded. The next step involves the understanding of the levels of normal traffics at the remote site. By understanding the levels of traffic at the remote site, it is possible to have a reference venue to work with when determining irregular activities that can be used to validate future problems. When evaluating the traffics levels at a remote site, technicians must also evaluate the present network performance including potential network vulnerabilities, the bandwidth usage, and internet/WAN connectivity performance.

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Cloud testing refers to the testing of cloud-based applications that uses hardware, software, and infrastructure found in the cloud. In cloud testing, there is an end to end solution that can assist an organization significantly regarding competitiveness (Heoh, 2010). Cloud testing ensures that unused servers are not idle by allowing organizations to shorten provisioning time through the enabling provision of test server on demand. Cloud testing is the most appealing testing method to many organizations because it allows location-independent access, reduces the cost of ownership and uses Green IT which sees the reduced requirement for hardware and dependence on implementations and location.

According to LaPedis (2009), virtualization is a technology that allows the possibility of running more than one applications and operating systems at the same time on a server. As a method of testing network solutions, virtualized environments can achieve agility, scalability and flexibility in IT while saving cost. Usage of virtualization result into the faster deployment of workloads, an increase in performance and availability and automation of operations that result in a simpler IT setup that can be easily understood and managed and even better less costly to own. Of the three methods mentioned above the most appropriate method for the clients upgrade would be virtualization which can allow the operation of more than one operating system in one serve, therefore, the clients would not need to worry about downtime on the production.

In network design understanding, the business goals and objectives is a crucial aspect. The best network design can be chosen depending on the business goals and objectives. The internet boom has led to economic turndown. Therefore, it is important to choose technologies that can solve the rising business problems. Some of network design business goals include increasing the market share, increasing revenue and profit, expanding into a market, reduce the cost of operation, increase the productivity of employees, shortening the product development cycle and offering new customers services. The first step of optimization understands the business goals and the customer segments that are available. Understanding the characteristics and needs that drive the use of a certain technology or design is also important. It is important for an organization to weight the competing value requirements when choosing an optimization strategy.

Cloud environment optimization can be used to improve and drive higher quality user experience. Other than speed, customers do not want to take a long time waiting for a web page to load whether they are using a mobile device or the traditional computing environment. The reason the cloud is the best and attractive platform for site delivery are it offers almost infinite scalability. With the infinite scalability, it is possible to handle virtually any traffic demand while bandwidth is always available on demand. In delivering optimization to a cloud environment, there must be a global network server. The global server is responsible for serving content to end users from locations as close as possible. Through doing so, it cuts the network hops. Operations will always struggle without defining the accurate picture of the cloud, its services and the dependencies between the two. Virtualization optimization is focused on looking at how well-virtualized environments serve their expectations of sizeable cost savings and reducing network complexity. To meet the objectives of the clients network upgrade the best methods to be used include virtualization and clouding. Clouding serves the purpose of giving extra systems of operation for continuity and avoiding downtime on production while testing goes ahead. Virtualization is important because it allows flexibility and agility.

Business and technical objectives are met by both cloud environments and virtualization through their operations and requirements. All businesses seek to cut cost to increase their revenue and profits. The same businesses aim to achieve agility and flexibility in their operations and service provision. As seen earlier both virtualization and cloud environments promote agility and flexibility. Virtualization allows for a task to be executed in an exact way as the program that initiated the process. On the other hand, clouding brings together the data center client login, quality manager, mobile users and project manager.


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