Comparison and Contrast Essay Sample on Gender Roles in Society

Published: 2020-08-13
Comparison and Contrast Essay Sample on Gender Roles in Society
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There are varied gender roles in my society. The boys have specific roles that are considered optional for the girls and vice versa. However, both genders are expected to work hard in school and in activities that they perform. Boys are encouraged to be brave and should handle security issues at home like taking care of the girls and the general safety of the family at large. On the other hand, girls are encouraged to be neat at all times and also, the general hygiene of the house is their major duty at home. Boys handle most of their actions and are expected to take care of the rest of the family while girls take care of the house chores and preparation of food. When it comes to leaving the house at night, the boys can easily convince the parents to allow them leave, whilst for the girls, it is quite an uphill climb since they are expected to stay indoors.

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When it comes to behavior, we see that that there is a sharp contrast between the genders. We see that the boys are expected by the society to show courage. For example, in case of any confrontation at home by invaders, they are expected to be in the front line in defense of the family. On the contrary, we see that the girls are exempted from such risky ventures and situations. The expected dress code and general conduct also are strikingly different in both gender. The girls are expected to dress appropriately, act graciously, speak softly and maintain high levels of honesty. Conversely, when it comes to the boys, we see that the society does not have any keen interest on the grooming, sitting positions and moreover, they are always pardoned for shouting at the top of their voices and often get away easily with dishonesty.

Though few, there are some similarities, when it comes to the expectations of the society, on both gender. We see that boys are praised for their acts of bravery and their promptness in completing their duties. Similarly, girls are admired for their levels of hygiene and discipline. Also when it comes to reprimanding for failure to reach the expected standards of conduct, boys as well as girls are punished. There is no practice of double standards when it comes to this. Also, we see that when it comes to school work, both are expected to be hardworking and the successful, both boys and girls, are always awarded in appreciation of their efforts. The boys who exhibit extraordinary levels of discipline, bravery and hard work are always considered role models for the younger boys in the society. Likewise, the girls whom show high levels of hygiene, discipline and conduct and appropriate dressing are considered to be role models for the younger girls in the society. Both the boys and girls admire to be considered role models thus they try their level best to reach the expected standards of the society.

Therefore, from the above text, we realize that there is a sharp contrast between the societys expectations on the boys and girls. Their conduct, dress code, designated activities, behavior and level of hygiene all determine and define the different gender. Likewise there are also some similarities between them. The societys expectation on their determination in school work, awarding of good results and also being considered role models for those who reach the societys expected standards all show the similarity between the gender.

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