Free Essay on Factors Affecting the Goals of Quality Education

Published: 2019-06-04
Free Essay on Factors Affecting the Goals of Quality Education
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Quality education might have different meanings and contexts with relation to the development of individuals or curriculum depending on what angle one views it from within its understanding. The nature or level of quality in education might vary from various aspects such as the environment in which knowledge is being decimated upon to individuals, or the presence of content delivery within the system, among other factors (Gladwell 45). Quality education may include the presence o f earners who are considered healthy due to the presence of support from their teachers and parents in their ability to learn. It may also include the presence of good learning environments, which are considered healthy, safe and provide the needed resources used to facilitate learning. It may also revolve around the presence of good content being delivered to the students for their growth and development (Greene). Some factors that bring about the level of quality within the education system tend to be influenced by various factors, encompassed within either the political, social-cultural, psychological or the economic factors present.

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First, some of the political factors that may be present and that could affect the quality nature of education may revolve around the presence of policies enforced by local authorities. The presence of public policies, for instance, may have both positive and negative effects on the quality of education offered. The presence of various policies, such as the ones creating drives and awareness tend to ensure that educators provide the needed education to ensure success. Accountability is also another factor that may ensure that the level of education is of a high standard. In most cases, it provides the education system with guidelines on what to teach and also provide the needed standardization present during examinations. Another major political aspect in which the quality of education might be affected includes the presence of public funding geared by the relevant local authorities and governing bodies (Greene). Through the presence of property taxes, the needed resources for ensuring quality education are made available, such as infrastructure and all the required tools and materials for learning. The presence of grants and federal loans to students also facilitate their development through ensuring that they get the needed opportunity to attend institutions of higher learning.

Secondly, some of the psychological factors in which the quality of education is often affected always revolves around the ability and capability of the learner to remember all that they have learnt. In most cases, most of these psychological factors, which tend to affect the overall academic performance of an individual, include the presence of stress by an individual, phobia, depression, delinquency among others (Gladwell 50). It is through these factors that student performance and overall quality of education can be determined. Some of these factors tend to go hand in hand with aspects such as the environment in which an individual is in or the presence of resources available to a student (Greene). Students who are always engaged in disruptive acts often provide an unstable psychological state to themselves and others, and this might be a cause for the decrease in quality education.

In addition to the above factors, some of the economic factors, which might affect the overall quality of education mainly, revolve around the presence of economic stability within any given region. It includes all the aspects relating to funding mechanisms, internal funding mechanisms, budgeting among others. Quality education can be considered if all the required resources can be made available to an individual in a relatively easy manner through the presence of funds (Greene). It brings about the effect on planning, since if there is a presence of lack of funds, then not all the necessary planning mechanisms will be facilitated. Factors such as the payment of teachers, the availability of resources among others are considered as the main economic factors to be taken into consideration if one is to facilitate quality education.

Finally, the socio-cultural aspects present within the education system that might affect the overall quality of the system revolve around aspects such as the family presence of a child, the role of culture within the society, role of the school within the educational system among others. The presence of support to the child is one of the factors that will affect the general performance of the student when it comes to education (Greene). Factors such as the presence of a family or guardian and the support give the child the needed environment to develop. The role of the community and school n ensuring that education is present within the society also affect the quality of education (Gladwell 55). If the school or community gives priority to children based on gender or social class, then the level quality of education is affected as well. In conclusion, it is evident that the quality of education varies or is affected by the presence of various psychological, socio-economic or economic factors among others. Overall, these are some of the factors, which most education is governing bodies take into account when coming up with the necessary programs to ensure delivery of good, quality education.

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